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2W3 Swanson- Dreamteam GSX Problem

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Yesterday I downloaded and installed the new Orbx scenery for FSX, Swanson 2W3 airport. I tried my Dreamteam GSX program but it would not work. Got the error message seen below.and after the installation I tried my GSX and it did NOT work but I was given this error message:(See below.) I tried the Auto update and the "Stand Alone Download Manager" and nothing would make it (GSX) work. After this my FSX would NOT boot-up and I had to go back to 3 earlier "Restore Points" to get my FSX to boot-up, but the GSX at the new Swanson airport still would not work. Got same error message. I don't know what elese to do . Did anyone else have this problem and/or know how to fix it. My GSX works at other FSX airports, but just NOT at the newely installed one of Swanson 2W3. Please advise and thanks. jerrycwo4 Attached Images

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Hve you tried over at FSDreamTeam site on their forums as the problem seems to be related to their product. I do not have GSX so I am not familiar with how it works.

Bryan Wallis aka "fltsimguy"

Maple Bay, British Columbia

Near CAM3

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FSDreamTeam, there great at customer support over there.

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