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Dear simmers,


I have played a lot with the PMDG MD11 and its quite fun to fly ( even if its hard to :P ). Now I want to take it to a next level and make something from the MD11 cockpit.

I want to build a Throttle Quandrant to add more realism to the flight.


I have searched and searched and came up empty. I have really found nothing related to the dimensions or structure of which the MD11 throttle quandrant is built of.

Im doing this as a summer project with a friend of mine who is going to build the throttle quandrant of a Boeing 737.


Im hoping you guys could help me in any way possible because the summer is getting closer :P


Hope to hear you soon


Any help is welcome





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I do recall someone else asking that question. The best suggestion was PPrune and hoping someone with access to the aircraft can help you.


Good luck

Will Reynolds


Flight Sim Addict


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The MD-11 throttle pedestal is almost identical dimensionally to that of the DC 10. You could use that as your starting point.

Branton Turner

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Okay, thanks for the suggestions this far,


about that DC10 solution, I dont find any plans to make a DC10 throttle quadrant either :(

Is there a chance i can buy a throttle quadrant from an MD11 or a DC10?

I heard some people did buy those and convert it. Dunno if i could convert it but it would be a great example of what it should look like




FOwout ( Belgium )

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I guess you are right , i didnt find something about that too ..

BTW If you are from Belgium , why you arent in the BeluxvACC ( I think ) ? :)

Maor .


Maor Cohen

Brussels Tower Student S2 EBBR_TWR .

PMDG 737-800NGX Captain

PMDG 747-400 Student

Future Owner of the PMDG 777X


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Hi Wout,


Before the PMDG MD-11 was released, I would build a full home cockpit of this bird. I already had (and still have) a lot of information but because of a few factors (which I actually may not tell the public), I couldn't do it. If you really want to make your own trottle quadrant, go to the Brussels Airmuseum (see http://www.airmuseum.be/en/index.php). There's a huge archive where they have the full manual of the Sabena DC-10. The people are very friendly and willing to help you. I know because I've been there too. You have my full congrats to make the TQ and I don't want to disappoint at all but I really doubt if it will work because there is no SDK from PMDG for the MD and it'll never be.


Wish you a lot of succes with your project, :wink:.






Flightsimulator is not a simulation, it's a way of life ...

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