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Where is Thomas Ruth? (A330/A340 HD Cockpit Preview) (WIP)

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Hello, I'm John Hancock.


I've been trying to get into contact with Thomas Ruth the past few months. I've done some detailed repaints for his wonderful Airbus packages (which I've received multiple praise for) through AVSIM. While I believe the aircraft is a work of art (especially on the outside), one thing has always made me feel awkward: the cockpit. The copy-paste textures of the A321's cockpit felt somewhat cheap and looked awful with the low-resolution. Here are a few shots I've put together of a WIP of HD cockpit textures so far as well as altered avionics to better match the more realistic counterpart. (Done on the A343 V2) The white represents untouched surfaces.












Keep in mind, certain parts are unfinished in their development. I've tried to contact Thomas Ruth through his given email address multiple times, but no avail. I've also received other emails claiming people were not able to get into contact with him either. The recent release of the DC-10 V2 with a VC sounds excellent, but once again it gives the same email address. I messaged him a few days ago on Project Airbus, but no response there either. If someone can get me into direct contact with Mr. Ruth, please give me his contact information.


So, what do I propose? A massive overhaul of the virtual cockpit's systems and textures. The model itself is to be mostly untouched, but still edits are required from what I'm looking at. A revised Paint Kit is already completely done with updated windows, doors, and options for multiple Airbus variants and prototypes. In this proposal, I would be doing about 85% of the work. The other 15% is required by Thomas Ruth or someone who knows (and has approval to use) the system.


Thank you.

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Hi Independence76,

A great initiative as I agree that the VC textures for Thomas Ruth Airbus are to today's standards the
original VC textures are getting old, while the outside models and flight models are still great,

I sincerely hope you can get in contact with Thomas.



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Flanker251, your reply is to a post made on April 29, 2012. Somehow I doubt that a five year old post is going to get any replies (aside from mine that is). :laugh:

Welcome to AVSIM in any case. Do feel free to join in the hundreds of ongoing conversations...

...with people who're still around!

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