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Microsofts Greatest FS Mistake... Hope Prepar3D Doesn't Repeat It!

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At one time MS FS was the top selling game in computers. Wanna-be pilots were popping up globally.


What changed? Not the introduction of a far wider variety of games. It was the jump in computer power required from FS10 to FSX. The consumer world was moving to laptops and FSX only catered to desktops with powerful processors and graphics cards. I bought it and installed it on the best of my two laptops, then went back to FS 2004 because it work well laptops and FSX didn't.


The FS community is a combination of actual and virtual pilots. I have used it for years to keep my instrument skills up. I have used it as a training device for instrument students so they could do six approaches in and hour with coffee instead of draining their cash blowing another 15 minutes of flight time to be re-sequenced because the glide slope needle had hit the stops and required a missed approach. After FS, by the time they got in the aircraft, they were ready to fly into high density airports during dual time and graduate with a deeper understanding and experience level.


For better graphics, Microsoft left a large segment of its consumer base behind. Hope Prepar3D developers realize that and avoid the same mistake. Prepar3D needs to have a step down capability to work effectively on laptops and even tablets and netbooks to embrace the size community to make sales reign supreme again.

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Laptops, netbooks and tablets are pretty far removed from Lockheed's target audience.


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Lockheed Martin are developing Prepar3D as a mission training platform for use primarily in classroom environments, and that almost certainly means favouring something which works well on networked high end computers rather than underpowered netbooks. It's merely a bonus that we can use it, we are not the main target.



Alan Bradbury

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I have very little sympathy for the Laptop, iPad telephone simmers.


I don't know if sympathy is the noun I'd use, but laptop gaming is to be restricted to hotel rooms, imo :smile: And phones? Please :LMAO:


PC's are comparatively much cheaper than lappies, anyway. Any lappy capable of properly running P3d is going to cost you >£800, and there's only a few that'd cut in imo..


As Alan says, LM are developing P3d for a professional market..Their stated goal is to have P3d at the heart of every modern simulated environment; not simply planes and submarines..If you check their forums, they are getting requests to get involved with all sorts of simming..I would think, however, that some aspect of P3d will be available through mobile means, as it can add an extra dimension to any simming environment (see FSK2, and the myriad of iPad apps available) but they complement the sim, not run it..


I have tried FLIGHT on a laptop, and it was small and jerky. No thanks, but each to their own





It's a small step from the sublime to the ridiculous...Napoleon Bonaparte

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Lappy/wappies, or whatver name is in vogue, are mechanically unreliable. I can see using one for special circumstances but a nice big screen and a "reasonable" desktoppy woppy is the best choice to make sure you can take full advantage of P3d. Once people get over demanding that they get what they paid for, then they can settle back and enjoy the ride. By that I mean we continue to have users with less than water cooled PCs demanding performance they have not spent the money to achieve. FSX and P3D work very well with moderate slider settings.


I exclusively use P3D and Orbx products. I will soon erase the old FSX and regain the space, maybe avoiding buying more disc and investing in one of the new deluxe CPUs that are obsolete in 9 months, at least as told by the marketers of Intel and AMD.


8400/3ghz, 8gb, GTX550 1gb


Dick near Pittsburgh, USA

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Sorry Cyberbiker if you want a game for laptops and tablets then MS latest version FLIGHT is for you. You are catered for.

KInd regards,


Ian McPhail

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+1 with Ian :Just Kidding:

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