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Assistance with changing serials

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I'm quite inexperienced at this. If someone could give me a few pointers, I dont mind doing the work.


The subject is a 1MB bmp Yugoslav repaint for Mehlin Rainers Ai MiG-21MF. What I would like to do is create multiple aircraft by changing the serial numbers to populate Zeljava airbase. With photoshop I've been able to change the fuselage numbers by copying and pasting one of the numbers. But when I attempt to do the wing numbers it tells me it can't copy as the selected area is empty. I would also like to change the smaller numbers on the tail. Am I going about this the wrong way? What would be the optimal method of renumbering. Another thing I would like to change is the colour of the nose cone, not sure on how to do that either. Thanks


Tried to upload the file but it says I'm not permitted to upload this kind of file.

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Please donate today! tells me it can't copy as the selected area is empty.

This happens when you have the wrong layer active.


Changing reg numbers has been the doormat for many repainter's "careers". Sounds like you are on the right track.


Sometimes you can find fonts that will work for the reg numbers.


There are a bunch of tips in the repainting faqs, you should check them out.


You might also want to visit they have tons of stuff including some fonts for regs etc.




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