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14 minutes ago, FS++ said:

There isn't one as very few people read them. And the moment you modify a flow by adding or removing an item, the doc is out of synch

Add to that, little is known about the A350 (only a handful of airlines have it).

Although we replaced the built-in checklist (that isn't a proper checklist, more like here is a step by step on how to proceed) with something that resembles an ECl, it's still not the real deal.

We are eager to speak someone who may have the real world A350 ECL.

See this thread:


Would be awesome if you could get hold of one. TBH, im finding the generic A3XX one ok, i use the new checklist and its working fine, im just finding out what the FO leaves out and what i have to do as part of the procedures.

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On 2/5/2018 at 3:57 AM, FS++ said:

Unfortunately, it'snot possible, because as far as the simulator is concerned, there is no "event" passing 10 000 (climbing or descending).

The only way to achieve that is by constantly monitoring the altitude.against the 10000 reference, and then would have to hard code what you expect Fo to do which may not be what the other user wants.

There are things that trigger events like when retracting spoilers. The sim notifies your app about that event without you having to constantly check the spoiler handle.


With the Zibo 737 and probably the default 737 there is an "event" at 10000 feet. If the seat belt sign is set to "Auto", a tone will sound when crossing 10000 ft.

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