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Building a motion platform

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Hi guys,


I got a sudden urge to build a motion platform for my flight simulator experience. Actually, I have two parallel projects that would be fun, one small one and one big one.


The small project would probably involve just an arduino controller and a few servos/stepper motors. This could be used to move a small model aeroplane (Lego perhaps) around in the same attitudes and directions as the simulated air plane in FSX/p3d.


The larger project would be to build an motion platform with three actuators to allow control of pitch, roll, and bumping up and down. This could conceivably also be controlled by an arduino. Initially this will just be moving box for my flight controls and computer, but I might expand it with more interesting knobs and switches as time goes.


The main problem with these projects is that I have no idea of the most efficient way to interface hardware with FSX. I assume that are not the first one to have thought something in this, so what is the best hardware and/or software solution? To rely heavily on fuel for this, buy perhaps someone new to the loss experience could point me in the directions with the least resistance? Price is obviously an issue, otherwise I could have just bought something from a commercial supplier, although some of this is also for the joy of making myself :-)


This platform should obviously not mimic the motion of the aircraft, rather it should ensure that the pull of gravity is felt correctly by the pilot. So, if I was doing and coordinated left turn the platform my tax returns to the right to emulate the outward push of the turn.


Looking forward to hearing from you.



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Motion is for sure interesting and complicated.

I have a simple idea of using a aftermarket airride kit for a car. This is also relatively cheap compared to actuators and motors. But writing the software would be my challenge...

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