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Nico Commijs

Ground texture blurries

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When flying around in P3D everything lookes more brillant, less blurry and colorfull then FSX. That is: in the distance.

A closer look at the (global)ground textures shows something different! P3D is in close-up view more blurry than FSX.


All my setting are the same in FSX and P3D. Sliders Max. and 'texture load 4096'.

I am using FTX-Orbx sceneries via the 'Migrator 1.30' including the Aero-tool for the ground (course)texture overlay.


Do I something wrong? Is their something to do about it? Or is P3D with de ground textures in close-up view the more inferior one?


Thanks in advance, Noki

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The reason I suspect Nico is simply that you are running your sliders on max with a Texture load of 4096. To help you in your quest you will have to effectively lighten the load on your cpu. I cannot see any reference to your setup in your signature, but anyway, here are a few suggestions:


1) If you are running an external frame limiter or indeed running FSX at unlimited then lock your framerate IN FSX AT 30.

2) Change your Texture load to 1024

3) If using REX clouds then also change those to 1024

4) Untick in the FSX control panel: Aircraft casts shadow on itself, aircraft shadows on ground, bloom effect (there are a few others but can't remember) try those for starters

5) Set water setting at Low x2

6) Set cloud draw settings at minimum and also cloud coverage no higher than medium.

7) Depending on your system will really dictate what slider settings you use, but I suggest setting your autogen at no more than dense, again this is dependent on your system. Running at max will give you problems no matter what system you have!

8) Run your cfg file through the Venetubo tweak website and see if you have any improvement


This is just a quick list of changes that will help if they have not already been implemented. I also suggest you reply with your system specs, that would be useful. Cheers.

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Thanks Howard for the quick response. As you can see I have my signature updated for the specs. I'am very newbie and not fully familiar with forums.


The problem with the groundtexure is not a performance issue. Everything runs extremely well. FSX has not the problem thought the Aero Tool to create the texture overlay.


I tried lowering my setting according your suggestions in P3D, but unfortunalety without effect.


'The Migrator Linker' Pdf list:


• Detail Bump Map - This is an overlay texture which is designed to add 'noise' and remove smoothness from ground textures. P3D comes with its own detail1.bmp file which is very generic and does not really enhance airport ground environments. The P3D Aero version creates three different styles of bump mapping for asphalt or concrete surfaces.


Does the Aero tool yes or no work in P3D is not very clarifying.


Kind regards, Nico


(On the right site of the image you can see the P3D effect)

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The only thing I can say Nico is that blurries are a symptom of textures not loading fast enough, ie a consequence of not enough cpu power, or effectively, that cpu power being used elsewhere. The trick is to reduce the load on the cpu (sorry if I'm trying to teach my grandmother to suck eggs.) There are other reasons as well and these may be associated with an inbalance of tweaks within the FSX cfg itself. The other thing I would say is that I see you are running a three screen setup... that in itself will also be a performance hog, a big one, especially if you are running in VC mode. It looks to me that you are running a shed load of stuff! Is your CPU OC? Can you confirm that you have your framerate slider loacked at 30 in FSX.

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No really, it's not the performance. When flying with FSX, including the online software, Plan-G and REX everything is running smoothly, with allmost the sliders to the right. No problem


If FSX can deal with all the possibilities, why can't Prepar3D ?

By the way, my CPU i7-980 is overclocked from 3,33 to 4,2 and my framerate slider is often locked on 22 (FTX-Orbx proposal) Only when flying from/to Mega airports the framerate slider is set to 50 or unlimited. And the cfg file (FSX and P3D) are carefully edited


Please excuse me for my poor English. (I'am from the othersite of the North Sea)

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Nico, I've just had a thought... make sure you have 'land detail textures' ticked in the scenery page in the FSX control panel...

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There is options in FTX Central to fix the detail1.bmp, to make sharp, soft.. etc..


I can remember someone had the same issue on the orbx support forums and i believe that is how they fixed there's. Installing other textures may break more than you expect or want so i would recommend finding the thread in the orbx support forums for more information about it.

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