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Which runs better in fsx HDMI or DVI ?

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Hi everyone i don't know if anyone ever posted this question before but here it goes . Ok i have bought a HDMI 1.4 Cable from sony. An now i have few question about it . I have LCD TV Screen holds about 4 HDMI port 32" Brand RCA . An now i want to test my fsx in my LCD TV Screen to give my DVI monitor a break for second . I have done a little research online about this to display wires an most people said they are basically the same. I want to here from you guys that run HDMI with fsx whats the mayor difference. Because before i move me desktop close to my LCD screen i want to know if its worth it . It is any difference from DVI . Because what got me to purchasing this wire was that i was currently running a normal adapter cable for my playstation 3 game console . So i bought an HDMI cable for the first time from sony to see what improvement will it make on my game console, an let me say i was shock when i saw how the graphic look so good so different it even felt different . So i was thinking if it did this for my ps3 game console . Could it do the same for FSX? I just don't want to go threw all the trouble disconnecting my dvi monitor an setting up my desktop near the 32" HD TV screen . So i want you guys to tell me if it is worth going threw all that trouble to set up my desktop near my 32" HD TV? Please excuse me if this question has been posted before but i didn't know where else to ask or look .

Mr Leny

CPU I7 8700K @ 5.0GHz , MOBO -Asus Maximus X Hero (WiFi AC),GPU - GTX1080 TI , RAM - CORSAIR Vengeance RGB 16GB DDR4 3600MHz
SSD -Crucial MX500 1TB (P3D Install Only)
OS- Samsung 960 EVO 500GB (Window 10 Pro 64)



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