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VRInsight MCP Combo knobs sloppy?

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For everybody still having issues with the crappy sloppy encoders on VRInsight Panels...
See https://fsc-ev.de/fsc2020/forum/index.php?thread/23100-reparatur-vorschlag-vrinsight-mcp-rotary-encoder/&postID=110166#post110166




Replacing it is really awful. SMD reflow components... 
Good material helps a lot...
I've used the following and succeeded. (of course pliers, a good soldering station with pin tip, as well).

The big spray i tried with the ones i did not replace... Checking how this changes the reliability.

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I started using FCU and MCPII in 2014 and LINDA helped me a lot. Because VRInsight stopped the driver update from July 2016, FCU and MCPII could not be used for a long time, and then I found Linda, so lucky. It works fine. But recently suddenly found that when the FCU and MCPII turn the knob, the data for altitude and heading jumps, and sometimes the data is reversed. Found joeherwig's article in Linda Support, I'm trying to buy a precision electrical contact cleaner. Remove the hex screws for the FCU, MCPII, and LINDA panels. Remove the panel and spray the cleaner on the knob. Strange things happened. Knob data results are very smooth. Much smoother than before. So I suggest. In my case, don't rush to replace the knob. Best to try an electronic cleaner first, since I didn't get a Kontakt 60, I used the alternative Lectro Kleen,. Many thanks to joeherwig for sharing.

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Hi @joeherwig,

I'm having the same issues with some of the encoders. Did the contact spray work? If not, I might have to replace the encoders, where did you get them?

Thanks for your help!

Best regards,


Jaap Riemens / EHRD
B737-700 + 600 / VATSIM

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