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AI Separation "Error in Program"

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Googling this finds a number of people with the same problem, but no answers. Anyone any idea how this program works, under the bonnet/hood, so to speak? The forum link given with the programme is no longer valid.


I tried a different version of FSUIPC first (I have registered), but no difference. What does make a difference is where you start your flight. When I start at ZSPD for example I get 'Error in Program': if I start at KSEA, EGKK, EGLL, or probably most others, the data loads in AIS with no problem. So the error seems to come when you try to retrieve data at some 'faulty' airports. So what data is missing or wrong? What exactly is AIS looking for when you select 'retrieve data'? I have checked that the airport is included in the relevant txt/dat files in ..\FMCWP\NAVDATA folder, and it is. Details below - are these correct? They look OK to me.. Maybe the error has nothing to do with these files? Changing aircraft makes no difference, though I didn't see why it should (clutching at straws)...










SHANGHAI/PUDONG ZSPD16 12467167 31.159014 121.811670108.7016700011

SHANGHAI/PUDONG ZSPD17L13124167 31.161289 121.785889110.7016700010

SHANGHAI/PUDONG ZSPD17R11155167 31.154856 121.783195111.1016700012

SHANGHAI/PUDONG ZSPD34 12467347 31.126417 121.823972108.3034700011

SHANGHAI/PUDONG ZSPD35L11155347 31.125697 121.794233108.1034700012

SHANGHAI/PUDONG ZSPD35R13124347 31.126986 121.798839111.9034700010




SHANGHAI/PUDONG ILS DME IDD ILSD 31.127583 121.825370108.30T




ZSPD 31.141667 121.790000

Martin Stebbing, EGLF (UK)

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Have you removed any spaces between PUDONG and ZSPD in your copies above?


I use these files with the LevelD B767 and the Field and Record lengths of your wpnavapt.txt and wpnavaid.txt are both shorter, but the airport.dat file is the same.


Do airport entries listed after ZSPD show up in the FMC, or is that the last entry read?


Check the length of an entry near the beginning of the file to check the length of the first Field. In my file, it is 24 characters up to the Z or first letter of the ICAO identifier. Total entry length, 74 chars Record length.

My wpnavaid.txt file is similar. First Field length, 24 chars, but total Record length, 61 chars.


If the Field or Record lengths are not correct, the entry will not be read and neither will anything after the error.


I don't know if programs other than LevelD use exactly the same format but if they do, that may be part of the problem.


Colin B

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I have an older version of aisep 1.1.1902.526 from 3/17/2005 which only has one database file in it Airports_2004.csv. It is a comma separated field file and the record is:



In Radar Contact it builds a similar file from installed scenery and it has:

ZSPD, , 31.14166 , 121.79 , 5 , 10 , 13149

which if you round up the coordinates is the same data except RC has additional fields.


Do not edit these files with Excel or other spreadsheet app as it can introduce corruptions but use wordpad.


Are you saying you only get the error when running AISep?




There is an alternative app in the FSX Uitilities library here that also works in FS9. aismooth version 1.2 separates aircraft into holding patterns on entry into the airport traffic area. You set the separation specifications. You may want to disable its ATC speech and message options.


AISEP slewed aircraft out of your way at high speed. I found that distracting when using a TCAS. In contrast aismooth has more settings for you to adjust regarding where how far side to side from the extended runway center line to protect (handy for simultaneous parallel runway ai approaches), spacing along the center line and how far out to start separation, the option to separate fropm the user aircraft, and others explained in its manual such as how far out to place holding as I recall. The only criticism other have stated is that the holding stack is not first in first out and that if large some ai disappear. The TCAS display will show a target group moving in circles at the holding point in a slow fashion.


Now Pudong does not appear to be in their database but it might handle the exception differently. I did a raw text search because I do not have an SQL application to read its format. Just load a flight with an aircraft parked there and start aismooth and see what happens.


It might be worth a try if you can't resolve your issue with AISEP.


As for your FMC data is that Navigraph supplied? The wpnavapt.txt appears to be space delimited fields and you do not show a space before the runway ident. It may not be incorrect if the FMC reads character length for that field of a fixed count of four characters for the ICAO code.

Ron Ginsberg
KMSP Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Puddles

Support Team


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Thanks for the replies - I'm currently in the middle of moving from Thailand to Greece for my work and will be without my (beloved) FS PC for a few months I guess (how will I survive??). Have bookmarked this thread and will get back as and when I can).



Martin Stebbing, EGLF (UK)

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