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FS2audio.DLL missing?

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So i purchased the FS2crew IFLY 737 voice control.

I installed it successfully and waited until it was finished, but when i started IFLY with FSX it came up with this error


Im using win7 64-bit


please help

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Try this... you're not getting a crash, but your issue could be related.


Also, do a search on your system for FS2Audio.DLL to see where it is.


It's probably in the right place though as I haven't had this error reported before.



Problem: I'm getting a Crash to Desktop (CTD) when I load the host Aircraft, and the the error message refers to 'FS2AUDIO.DLL'.



  1. If you have two sound cards running in parallel, disable one of them.
  2. If you are running any program in the background that that attempt to strip Digital Music Rights (DRM) from music, such as Tune Bite, Sound Taxi or Sound Bite, please disable them. They interfere with FS2Crew's Audio Engine. Some of these types of programs are legal in parts of Europe, but they are not legal in the United Sates.
  3. Re-install FS2Crew again, but do not click 'cancel' during the install. Wait for the install to finish.
  4. If using a Creative Labs X-Fi Extreme Audio Sound Card, uninstall the latest driver and re-install the original driver off the CD that came with your Sound Card. The latest driver conflicts with the FS2Crew Audio engine.
  5. Sometimes users have corrupt versions of the FSX.CFG file. Delete the FSX.CFG file. It will re-build automatically when you load FSX. Your FSX.CFG file is located here:

  • Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX
  • Windows Vista/ 7: \Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX

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Hi Brian


I recently bought the below order.

Order #27897


Order Date: 13th Dec 2012

Ship Date:

Recipient: Damian Doyle

  • 1 x FS2Crew: Multi Crew Bundle Set


I download and installed the Ifly 737ng Voice edition as i bought the IFly 737NG add on. I have had the same issues as the person above, i tried what you suggested to him however it still came up with the same error messege.


I am running a Windows 7 64 Bit system with 16BG RAM and 1GB VRAM.


If you could please assist it would be appriciated.




Damain Doyle

Damian Doyle


Flight sim's: FSX and X-plane

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