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HD TV for outside view + monitor for instruments? With Trackir?

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I am thinking about upgrading from my basic 19" LCD monitor setup and need advice. I have a 42" 1080p HD TV in the living room that I have tested a couple times with FSX, and with my flight yoke on the coffee table and me about 3' away, it looks very nice and provides a good experience, but it can be pretty hard to read the instruments in virtual cockpit view.


So my first thougt was to try to use my computer monitor as an instrument panel view placed just on top of my yoke, with the HD TV still about 3' away. I think this has potential to work as a decent multimonitor setup. I would of course love to have an actual 3 monitor wraparound view, but just can't afford that right now.


An unrelated possible addition would be to add a Trackir system. I've been looking at the system for a while, and would really like to try it out to see if it enhances the flying experience as much as I hope it would. If I end up getting that, can I set it to only pan the outside view but leave the instrument panel locked on the lower monitor? Does this seems like a reasonable setup?


I tried searching for other info already, but didn't find many people using an HD TV with a smaller monitor for instruments (which could be because it's just not a good idea! Oh well, wouldn't be the first time I've had an idea that was a stinker) Regardless I would love feedback from anybody who has tried anything similar.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions, opinions or advice!



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I find a large 1080p screen to be sub-optimal for viewing quality, though it may fill up most of your FOV it's going to be fairly pixelated. If size trumps image quality in your case then go for it.

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