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An Amazing Minature World! (must see)

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That is amazing. The shark chasing the diver cracked me up.

Randy Swofford

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That was amazing Rob! My kid would go crazy there. Ok, I would too


Yup, I have always thought this place was nuts! Finally a place where guys can go that will probably bore most gals as much as going to the Coach Store bores us!




(Eeek! Did she hear me??!!) :P


Anyway, I was a pretty big model railroader as a kid, and the imported N-scale trains that where the only ones really sized for use in an apartment diorama were expensive as heck; little mechanical marvels of engineering. I wondered then why nobody ever made a computer train-set, because as much as we can drool, something like this is kinda impractical..........


Fast forward, and now we have Rail-simulator 2012. Circle back to childhood and press start; Miniature Wunderland in the computer room. ^_^

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