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FSX Graphics Problem

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Hi there,


Im having a problem with graphics during flights in FSX.


Its not all the time, but is becoming more frequent. It happens when I fly in more dense areas in complex aircraft and then either change a setting or minimize FSX for some reason. When I return the graphics are completely ruined. Sometimes the virtual cockpit has dissapeared, sometimes the parts of the aircraft have dissapeared, sometimes the sky goes black, sometimes the screen goes black and I can hear the sim running but cannot see a thing. It tends to happen after FSX has been running for a long time. For example if I started at Mallorca in the QW 757 and changed settings it would be fine.


Today I was landing in Aerosoft Mallorca with the QW 757 and the flight was fine, I landed and noticed during taxi that the terminal buildings hadn't loaded, the airbridges and animated objects were going but no terminals. I decided to change the FSX scenery density (mainly to try and solve the problem) however when I returned this is what happened:


(Spot Plane View)





My computer seems to be fine with all the aircraft and scenery, I was probably getting upto 25-30fps on final approach and upto 50 in the air.


Ive checked the graphics card temperature and at the highest its 65 which I think is acceptable?


I have a quad core and the CPU's dont seem to be overloaded.


I have noticed a correlation with using programs running through FSmanager. I had to uninstall GSX as it happened more frequently with this installed... but I dont no if this is due fsmanager or the complex systems being ran by the programs. I dont want to blame the wrong thing.


Does anyone have any ideas at all?? Ive searched around online and not come across anything really!


More bizarrely I used to run FSX on my flatmates computer and it did the same on his.


My specs:


Intel® Core ™2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz 2.39GHZ

Nvidia GeForce 9600GT


Windows 7 64bit


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Guest firehawk44

This problem is quite common. You are having issues rendering which means your display driver/fsx settings are set too high. You may also have your AI settings set too high. Cars, AI aircraft, and ships create a major hit on your system. Just because you're getting 30 fps and higher doesn't mean you won't have problems rendering. FS Manager will not affect or kill your FPS. It is something else. I'm surprised you're not getting crashes. Make sure you have the tweak highmemfix=1 in the graphics section of your FSX.cfg. Bad tweaks can also cause issues too. You can check to see if a tweak is bad by renaming your fsx.cfg to fsx.orig then restart fsx and let the config rebuild. Run FSX and see if the problems continue. If not, that is probably the culprit. If the problems persist, you can go back and rename the orig back to FSX.cfg and you won't lose any tweaks or changes you made to your config. Check out Srdan Word Not Allowed's excellent software and hardware guide pinned at the top in the hardware forum. There's another excellent guide by NickN on Setting Up FSX and Tuning It. That guide might be best for your system specs as some of Srdan's settings are pretty high.


Hope this helps,


Best regards,


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Thank you very much, a really helpful response.


I'll try what you said.


Is there anything hardware related that I could upgrade to reduce or get rid of the problems or reduce them.


Many thanks,



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