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Multiplay or Vatsim

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If anyone with P3D flies on the internet or just multiplay on a server - how or what with do you do it with.

With FSX I can connect to servers with IP or Gamespy. Connect to Vatsim, Apollo using FSInn and no problems online.

Have tried the "fix" with FSInn to use it in P3D but drops fps to a slideshow and is a pain to set-up.

I can't fly online with my friends at ORBX - so I have to use FSX which is very stable online, tried FSHost and did get connected - but none of the people I fly with use it - catch 22.

Also when I was connected to FSHost all the AI planes are jumping up and down and smoke pouring from their wheels.

Have joined Digital Theme Park but still cannot connect with IP there - with FSX just put IP in and connects.

Very frustrating that online connections are "mixed up". Also tried squawkbox but no joy with that software, tried all the port forwarding - nothing works. Never did port forwarding with FSX, been told its my computer thats doing it and re-install 1.3 - have just done that uninstalled 1.3 and installed 1.4 - same difference - and still the same.

Also having the menus.dll error in 1.3 and 1.4 to which there does not seem to be an answer to.

(Maybe re-install WIN7 - no FSX and just P3D - still would have no online connection and no way am I going down that route just to experiment).

I have WIN7 64,i5 3.30, 8gig mem,GTX 560 Ti 2gig, P3D on seperate ssd drive,FSX seperate drive,WIN7 seperate drive.

Seems like all the bugs have come back with P3D on my setup. Maybe just have to wait for someon to sort them out.





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