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Tyler Smith

Prepar3d and Orbx so confused what do I buy?

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So I just started to use Prepar3d and I been looking at Orbx since I was using FSX.


But I never bought anything from Orbx in the past.


So basically I just want to know how do I buy the Prepar3d versions if there any?


I do not have FSX installed anymore, and I just want the quickest way to buy the North Orbx package.


Any ideas?

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You just order up the particular scenery and airports you would like. They are made for FSX originally. Older release are easily migrated to P3D with a tool provided free by Orbx, see their support pages and recent releases have a double install ability so you can install into FSX or P3D or both whatever you would like.


All their products are now compatible and installable into FSX or P3D or both at the same time and you only pay the one price for each product.

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Everything in ORBX is migratable to P3D without problem they even supply you with a separate downloadable migrator for free.

The free airports modifications are mostly just upgreades in building and static AI placement. They are also well blended in with surroundings, much unlike the strange quadrangled tiles of native FSX. Mesh is so outstanding you can see little rises in terrain right near the runway.


I would buy ORBX first, then P3D after all your NA blocks are set in.


Both are the new MUST-HAVES in flight simming IMHO

(not to leave out OpusFSX which works in P3D too.... a new star ??)


But money-wise, you will enjoy one NA install from ORBX for a month since ther are so many upgraded airports that are now a pleasure to land at.....then get another, and another...etc....: there are 4 for NA, 2 NZ and a big old 4-pack-in-one for Australia which may be too old shoe though (few airport upgrades in that one I'm told).


So one a the meantime I've heard P3D may be going 1.5 soon, or even a surprise with the Version 2?

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Note the OP says he no longer has FSX installed.


Only products brought out recently by ORBX have dual installers, and their own downloadable migrator tool requires that you have FSX installed.


In order to install most of the ORBX products at the moment into P3D without having FSX present, you're going to have to look at alternate ways of installing.



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The ONLY way to install ORBX properly into P3D without FSX installed is via Estonia Migrator. You can buy it on Simmarket.


Be aware thought that "flows" are not going to be working currently. Sceneries like PNW are going to work without problems. Only DLLs and entries into dll.xml make troubles. PNW doesn't create those to my knowledge.

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Just for the info: my migrator is always active, except I am thinking of turning it off when either installing fsdt stuff or fsuipc (or anything native for p3d)



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