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Hey guys, recently I started down the long road to becoming a professional pilot. I've been looking for a decent piece of flight sim software to go with a sim-chair I'd like to purchase with a friend of mine. My question is to the heli pilots; does the r22 perform in P3D as it does in real life? So far I've been completely unable to find a sim that is even reasonably close to actual flying in a helicopter. Take On Helicopters, FSX, FlightGear, etc... all seem to be based on the idea that sensitivity = realism, and that's just not the case. Helicopters are twitchy, and they do require very subtle control inputs, but none of the aforementioned sims even come close to the feeling of a real R22. I know P3D is based on FSX, and that the visual improvements are significant, but honestly I couldn't care less about the visuals if the flight model doesn't stack up. I know P3D comes with an R22 model out of the box, has anyone with significant R22 flight time had a chance to fly it and compare? I haven't found any posts on this or any other forums, and a pretty thorough google search has yielded nothing. I know the aviation world doesn't care much about rotary pilots, but there's gotta be someone with some r22 time who has flown P3D... Any information would be great, thanks.

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