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Need to Commison a few paints here C185

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Hi Guys! A friend of mine owns Acadian Seaplanes in Rangeley Maine http://www.acadianseaplanes.com/ He operates a Cessna 180 and a newly restored 185. I was hoping to get paints done of each!! I recently showed him the Carenado 185 in FSX and he thought it would be awesome if there were paints of his around! Anyone want a try at it?? If you need a few bucks thats ok I will paypal you when they are finished! Im hoping for a really quality job!! I want the Carenado bush 185 Amphibian model, tundra wheel model and ski version done since he flies all in real life!! Also if it is possible to change the cockpit color to the real ones and interior that would be greatt! Here are some pics of the birds! there is N2444BA and N272SC. I have some Hi def pics I will have to email aswell.


Thank you

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