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Dead Stick!

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Paul Donnelly challenged us to do dead stick landings some months ago. Now, this is particularly cruel for people like me who are not very good pilots, although it is easy for Paul.


An airplane quickly drops like a rock when deprived of its engine, and the Stearman is definitely not the best airplane in which to practice dead stick landings. But, it's hard in any of the Flight planes.


There is an Achievement for a dead stick landing (got it! :P ) and Paul Lange had created some dead stick landing missions for FS X. And he did it again for Alaska.


I am just getting around to the Alaska Activities because I have been having too much fun with the Cub. I tried the Bear Creek (Bear Creek 3) Challenge. It starts out with a warning - "Always be prepared for emergencies!"


Yeah, right, typical, drop you somewhere you've never been, without charts, cut off your engine, and all you can do is... crash and die! :lol: But, I cheated on this one - I hate losing! I just restarted the engine. No, I won't tell you how, I leave that to you to figure out. And then, I simply did a power-on landing to this bush strip, got all the XP, and walked away alive. Gold on the first try. :rolleyes:


Maybe I should try it again though, with a conked out engine.


Best regards.


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Yes Luis, you should try it again the way it was intended. It's not too hard. Just watch out for the trees surrounding the runway. I did it in the cub and had no trouble at all in making the runway. I got gold on my first try too. Just to be sure it wasn't a fluke, I did it again a couple more times with the same result. Also, remember the cub can glide a good ways with the engine off. Just watch your airspeed.

Thank you.


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