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Thanks for the link to Interstate...are you enjoying working with it so far...seem strong/sturdy enough? Your build is really coming along! Love the $10 monitor!! I've got a few of those myself in 15" and 17" for a G1000 build in the not near future, lol.


Curious to see whether you go with the smoked or clear. That final picture looks great, whichever one you have applied to the screen.


Good thing we can always count on 'man's best friend' as an FO!! :)


Plenty strong/sturdy for a faceplate. Maybe order a small piece to get a feel for its uses.


Since OpenCockpits announced its new Ver 3 MCPs, there has been alot of people unloading their V2's for dirt cheap prices. I snagged what appears to be a brand new ver 2 White digits and Efis for a steal.


I knew it was lacking a few features my former Goflight MCP has, but it is the most affordable to scale model and I can live without/workaround the missing features, but I never noticed the speed window is only 3 digits. Oh well. Really solid design though, maybe I will upgrade to a ver 3 in the future.

Can anyone guess what I plan on using these glasses for?


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Trim Rings?


Nice find on the MCP / EFIS

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For your StandBy Gauges?

Nope, Maybe I'm the only one with the
So today decided that I would tackle something I had been dreading since I opened the box. The AFDS panel. The other panels are fairly easy...switches, just throw a ground and an active, annunciators, just pop a positive and negative and move on. The AFDS just happens to be a mix of both in one small spot. Layed it all out.
Didn't really have a plan, just wanted to limit the wire usage and make sure it would hold tight. Poldragonet only shipped with single color LEDs and their AFDS led holder only has room for one led. Luckily I found some bi-color (amber/red) leds online and used them. Yes, I forgot the FMC P/RST was amber only as I was on a roll, will remove it's RED capability. All in all it worked out great,tested it out and everything lit up and all the switches worked. Have one more panel to do and the hard point will be done. I still need to paint the MIP and cut out the DU screensm work on the lower MIP panel, etc. I really wish I had the motivation to power thru it all, but work, wife, life only leaves me with so much time. 
Finished Product-minus annunciator panels.

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Just a small update as the weather was too nice to work inside today. Didn't want to go a weekend without any progress so I started putting a few panels together and seeing how I would work the switches. Going to do a few more tomorrow and wire them up.

Also, someone from Poldragonet contacted me and said they would look into my issues, "fingers crossed".

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Started to see how my backlighting my work out. I had ordered a led roll some time back and finally got around to hooking it up to a dimmer and seeing how it would like behind a panel. I was planning on flush mounting them, but the hotspots kind of annoy me. Back them off about half an inch gets a smoother glow with a slight loss of brightness..more testing later. 

Also took apart one of monitors for DU preparation. Got a smart monitor, unfortunately, with USB and speakers, more than what I needed, but it was an ebay special. Hyundai something.
Weird was the back plate is not attached to the LCD, the LCD portion is free. I had to use some two sided tape to hold the plate to the LCD. Superstrong tape.
I also decided to use my smoke lens tint vice the clear (not shown) as the smoke tint really seems to make the colors pop and the blacks really black.

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This morning decided to work a little bit on some of the frame items that have bugged me. Starting with how I was going to mount the Gear lever. Did not want to attach it to a support beam as the beam would interfere with the FO's screen clearance. So I decided to put it on a mini stand. Took some tweaking, but found a sweet spot that will allow it to freely move up/down and in/out.




Next decided to work on the tweaking the DUs. I built the frame thinking the monitors would be able to sit above the flat board, but realized I was going to have to cut a gap so they could slide into. Had to find a sweet spot that would allow it to drop below the electronics and sit flush with the MIP face. 




Added a support bar to take some of the bow out.



Been dreading on how I was going to secure the monitors in to the stand, but while I was tweaking the angles using lil wood chips, I remembered I had some shims in the basement from when I was hanging doors. So I started used those and my monitors are secured pretty darn tight and easily adjusted. Will probably just use them in the end.



Might work on cutting the smoke lenses next.



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Random Bits I'm working.


First the LED strip I have, Don't really like so will probably replace my kitchen under cabinet LEDs. The space gaps in the Leds makes too many non hot spots. So I see now they offer led strips with about 3x the LEDs for one continous light strip. I also wanted a softer (yellowish) led backlight. So Amazon to the rescue. 


One is cool and the other is warm.




See the difference?



Great little dimmers that will fit in the lower panel and pedestal. Need 3 more.




Lower Eicas 10.2 touchscreen monitor prepped.



Added a few more labels and painted the brake light red on the throttle.



Contacted Roberto on the status of the backlight plates and he sent me a picture and took my order shiiping out in 2 weeks.



I plan on adding the Stab trim plate next and once I start the pedestal will add the Trim wheels.


Took a quick look at the pedestal and layed out a few of the pieces as I'm sure it will require a lil tweaking from the defaults.




Started testing out the LeoBodnar encoder ability. Didn't work as I intended, but I didn't play around long enough to figure it out. Plan on using it for DU brightness controls, more to follow.



Also waiting on my upper Eicas 15inch monitor to arrive before I start back on the MIP. Also Poldragonet contacted me about my missing items and I sent the list and pictures and they stated that they have shipped my missing items. Waiting to see what's in the package as I had formulated workaround plans. More to follow.

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..... look awesome ..... where did you get the blue print from ????/

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..... look awesome ..... where did you get the blue print from ????/


Can't recall, but you can just google "1:1 scale 737 MIP" You'll find alot of cockpit builder sites that host it.

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tnx .... I,m actually, in a search for a Bonanza F33A Blue Print MIP, but I'll take your advice & use the keywords you provided.


& again, the project look awesome, I'll follow the progress !!





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Look what came in today. Right now giving it the burn-in test  before stripping it. Rough test indicates a perfect fit. I really wish Ebay would make you identify if you're a smoker or not. I hate getting items that reek nicotine.



*Update* Well the monitor is working well, but the guy included an OEM 12CDV 1A AC adapter, but the monitor is pulling 2.7A so the adapter is ridiculously hot. Grrrr.

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Perfect fit though. Almost feel like firing up some gauges so I can look at the pretty colors.


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Time to see how I'm going to backlight the MCP, took apart the EFIS and realized it already was backlit. 



Didn't want to do the mass led wire nest I've seen on some tutorials. So that's where the LED strips come in. Tight fit, so I basically fold a strip in two and drop it in each crack, in between the electronics. Like lacing a shoe.







The AT ARM led will need a black sealant to block the light as it looks like it's on. Also the LED strip was on full blast so once hooked to the dimmer it won't be so overpowering.

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Wow, looks amazing!!!  Your skills are VERY VERY impressive!!!  I am in awe sir...


That backlit throttle pic is mine that I just recv'd from Roberto 2 days ago but he also painted it brown for me to match my Boeing Brown controls...  It is phenomenal, love it but I would also really like the brake light!  Going to look into wiring that up as I just got done wiring my backlighting to a USB plug with 2V worth of resistors inline as well as a 3V DC plug for it so I could hardwire it if I want to... (just had a thought but will also wire up a toggle switch for the backlighting tomorrow)  Can you think of any way to wire the brake light without an i/o board?  


Your pit looks phenomenal!  Always good to have a good helper as well!

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Wow, looks amazing!!!  Your skills are VERY VERY impressive!!!  I am in awe sir...


That backlit throttle pic is mine that I just recv'd from Roberto 2 days ago but he also painted it brown for me to match my Boeing Brown controls...  It is phenomenal, love it but I would also really like the brake light!  Going to look into wiring that up as I just got done wiring my backlighting to a USB plug with 2V worth of resistors inline as well as a 3V DC plug for it so I could hardwire it if I want to... (just had a thought but will also wire up a toggle switch for the backlighting tomorrow)  Can you think of any way to wire the brake light without an i/o board?  


Your pit looks phenomenal!  Always good to have a good helper as well!

Sure. Maybe a pressure switch hooked up to the 5v coming off the USB powering an LED. I'm going to use an IO, just because. Really no difference though using an IO or a microswitch to cut it on and off.

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Well didn't get to do much today as my other cockpit, VW Touareg, needed some attention. I seriously believe VW programs their car computers to produce "engine  faults/ electrical faults" etc at predetermined odometer readings. My car faults out at the same mileage as every other owner..coincidence? I think not. Luckily I own a ######.Com and weird once I reset the faults they no longer appear. End Rant.

Just cut out the DU panels and after testing the smoked panels were too dark once placed on the MIP. The distance from the monitor really made it too dark. If I could have placed them closer it would have been perfect, so looks like the clear panels won out.
Finally added a lil power to it and it was like WoW it's alive. Although crooked monitor and still need to trim a lil more off the DU rim, it was still alive. So much to do still and soo many parts to finish.

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Didn't do much today as wifey was irritated on how the pit exploded into her kitchen. I enjoy working out of the kitchen vice the sim room. So I bundled my tools/parts into a little corner.

When I first did the frame I used a number of lil metal clamps to hold everything together, but once I added wheels I noticed that the ends would sway and the Mip Panel would fit one minute and then once I move the frame it would not fit. 
So today I added more support at the joined sections with the Mip in place so now I can twirl it around the room and it doesn't sway. 
Wheels makes working on it sooo much easier than my previous pit. I honestly don't know what my next step will be. I'm waiting on Poldragonet to see what they shipped me. The lower panel is my last major cut-fest on the MIP panel, before priming painting. I also just realized that I'm going to need to drive 3 more monitors than my previous setup for a total of 8, 7 systems and 1(?) outside visual. Did I mention I sold my TH2go to fund this little endeavor? Oh well, still have a few simparts left in the closet to put on Ebay.

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Got bored so while I contemplated on the lower panel, decided to see how I would attach the Pots and Encoders. The knob holes are huge so attaching them will require some improvising. Tried really big washers, but all they did was slide and the Pot i plan on using has a short shaft so double washers trying to get a tight grip proved ineffective.null-192.jpg


Decided to break out the Instamorph. For those not familiar it's little plastic pellets you boil and the form this clear malleable plastic dough that cools hard and white in whatever shape you form it into. Saw some impressive youtube videos on it so  I had a jar in the cabin. IF you mess up just put it back in the hot water.






Plugged in the holes.




Drill out the hole.



Perfect fit now.



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Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!



Poldragonet sent me a package with the items I was missing.






Can't deny they pack well and all my items arrive with awesome paint/engraving work. Now I see how a few of the items are suppose to fit. This was basically the final piece I was waiting for as I wasn't sure what was coming. I understand now why the Dimmer panels holes were so big. It's just a panel over the ledge.



Want to thank Poldragonet for reaching out to me as they didn't have to do it.

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Today my Throttle Stab Trim panel came in from Simparts.




Also made the**hopefully** final cuts on the MIP face, so it was time to tape and prime. Layed the first coat.



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3 Coats of RAAL 7011 Sprayed on. Time to let it set for a few days as it's fairly cool on the East Coast.



Starting affixing the plexiglass screens to the DU frames.



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Finally a good use of vegetables!  Looks great!

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Had to sand a paint splatter off the top, so tested the DU/MIP color balance and pretty darn close. Now I need to figure out how/if/what should I seal the paint. I'm no means a paint expert, but thinking I should put some kind of clear sealer on it as it feels a sort of powder paint. Any painters with advice would be greatly appreciated.


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