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Nice day outside, hopefully the drying will speed up. Suspect my neighbors are wondering what the heck is on the deck. Also tried a few clear coat sealers on a sample, but suspect powder'd paint is not compatible.

Got my Black Glue bars so I can start attaching LEDs to it.
Really hoping to get alot done on this weekend, but suspect wifey has spring cleaning on the mind :(

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Good Weather really sped the drying process, on my FO side my marking lines are meshing with the paint lines so it doesn't appear as sharp as the Capt side. Will probably retrace it with a black sharpie. Note to self, stay away from grey sharpie as it took heavy coats to fade them away. Hope to attach the DU frames tomorrow and OMG E-6000 glues is so strong, but what a stink! 2 days later!


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Still need to tweak the Upper Eicas and Fo monitor some to the left. Hope to attach DU screen tomorrow.

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coming along fine for some spring time flying.

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So today was planning on attaching the DU frames and the annunciators. Trying to figure out a method of how to ensure the led/annunciator pairing will go smooth. Got sidetracked though and took the monitors out and tweaked the cuts to the left a hair to hide the bezels. Also ran some tests again with my smoked plexiglass. It dawned on me since attaching the smoked glass to the DU frames made the colors to dim, how about just attaching it straight to the monitor and using the plexiglass on the frames. Better Idea!


It's hard to show the color difference using my phone's camera, but below are two pics same lighting /same angle.


This one is no smoked glass, just monitor. The DUs have a lot of backlight, the blacks are washed out and the colors have a bright gamish look,



This one has the smoked tint. The blacks are blacked and the colors are tighter with less bleed. It might look a little darker in the picture, but it's not too dimmed.



Also started working on the MIP Lip and decided to add a protective enamel gloss to the frame to give it more of a metal look and    

some protection as the powder spray seems susceptible to rubs/nicks.


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Now that I've tweaked the monitor positions, Time to affix some wood so I can mount them. Bad thing about when you strip a monitor out of the case you loose your support system as most of the back electronics assembly is not attached to the lcd. So some ducktape , glue, and wood. Now I can screw some brackets into the wood and affix to the stand.

Gotta love Vegetables.

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Homemade monitor mounting brackets courtesy of Instamorph. Might reboil them and make just one big one for each monitor.




Was going to attach all the annunciator and frames today, but after attaching the lip some glue bled thru so had to scrap and repaint over the excess. The lip also takes some of the wobble out the pvc so the  annunciators won't pop out. One good thing about E6000 glue is it's really strong, but allows some bend.



While that's drying was going to run starter wires to the glare wings, but decided I'd be better off getting connectors for the pins due to the close proximity of each pin. I could solder it, but work smarter not harder. 


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Placing the annunciators proved to be way more of a chore than I thought. Trying to get just enough glue on each, but not too much. Also I had to place LEDs rearside and glue the annunciators on top to ensure placement. Then I had to pick the LED out from the rear to make sure the glue didn't grab them too. 


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Found a guy who is making me some labels.

Gauge Cover WIP
Can finish the glare wing wiring now.

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Well this weekend the misses had me knee deep planting flowers. I swear I don't get women's fascinations with them.


Finally started on the lower panels after figuring out how I was going to proceed,


Cut some PVC strips for the panels and traced them out.




Had to cut out holes for the backlight.



Perfect fit. Added slim rails for them to sit on. Will probably add some underside Velcro for hold.





More to do on them, ie cut out the electronic holes and add the end border/paint/prime/etc.

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In the above picture you'll notice my FO side has no monitor. Well it did up until I added the back support to it and it crapped out. So had to junk it and scour Ebay again for a cheap used 19in monitor. I knew I should have stayed with Acer, but alas my new one arrived today. Been testing it out today, holding out on stripping it till tomorrow.



Did a little work on the lower panel. Drilled out the electronic holes, one thing I love about these plastic sheets is that they are easily thread. My switches, etc with threads just screw right in. I also have the border curing for the night.


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Today after yard work 2.0 felt like doing a little something on the pit. So I worked a little on the CDU bay, cut the cover and played with the placement of its contents. Also thought about how I was going to hide the lower monitors cutouts. Should have stripped the FOs monitor and had it curing for the night, but I'm tired now.



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So started laying paint on the lower panels and cdu bay cover. Then decided to install the new FO monitor which required new cuts and tweaks to get it to sit right. Still haven't attached all the panels or wired up the electronics, but did attach the gear lever rubber cover and fired up the client pc once I cleaned out all the MDF dust out of it.





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Looking very good...ah, gear up already :)


CDU bay prepped. The FO side looks so bare, not sure if I'm going to with the imitation FMC or just print a copy out. Next item, try and figure out the monitor mount.


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Are you able to supply the construction plans for the CDU bay? I'm getting the FDS CDU and would am building the lower section of cockpit. The dimensions sure would help.





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Are you able to supply the construction plans for the CDU bay? I'm getting the FDS CDU and would am building the lower section of cockpit. The dimensions sure would help. Thanks Justin

Good Site for info/ideas


Started working on affixing the lower Eicas Monitor. Decided to add the smoke filter beforehand, but after testing the monitor is not bright enough so it looks dimmed. Removed it later, but will have to add a black border around the screens rim to hide the electronics.





Removed tint and finally time t start punching holes to run wires/cables.



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Since I Finally got the CDU bay ready.



Decided to start working on the wiring harness for my Glarewings. I already had the left glarewing pinned out so I assumed the right one would be similar or the same. After about 30 minutes trying to figure out why no LEDs would light, I took it apart to trace the foil runs and test the LEDs. All the LEDs worked, but not from the back pin connectors. So I figured out that a wire was missing here.



Added a temp jumper for testing.



Attached a permanent fix.



One down, one to go.


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Looking great Vincent!  PM me, I have some perfect light covers for the Parking brake on the TTek...  They came in packs of 4 so I will share some with you.  My contribution to the project :)

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Small update, One thing that bothered me was the distance of the lower panel to the DUs.



I tried to live with it, but every time I looked at a reference photo I would notice the difference. 

So I decided to raise them, but would need to add some support to hold them. So I added some some triangular supports to raise them, but would have to trim the lower panel some to get rid of the overhang.




While using my jigsaw to trim, I shook the frames loose requiring me to reglue them..grrrr



In the meantime managed I finished my glarewing wiring harness and tested it with the sys4 card. Worked great!



Also started preps for wiring the MIP as I wanted to be able to remove panels/mip separately if needed and had to figure a connection scheme. Also wanted to work out m wiring color for IDing issues. I settled for a red/back blue/black scheme wiring scheme.



Still waiting for my labels before installing the LEDs.

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Very boring day of soldering, soldering, and more soldering. So happy to be done (for the day) and get this flux off me hands. Managed to knock out both AFDS and a glare wing. Also changed my mind on raising the lower panels. So I had to break off the triangular supports, remove the adhesive, and repaint. Two steps forward, three steps back. Tomorrow plan is to piece out the MIP LEDs and wire up starter wires on them so I can glue them into the MIP eventually. Was going to just wire up a strand of 8 and glue them in, but figure it would be easier one at a time. While I'm thinking about it, I have some uber strong black tape that could also hold them in with little fuss or mess. Will have to experiment as usual.


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