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The Greener

Which Spitfire?

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I am keen to buy the best Spitfire but would appreciate other members views on the models currently available. I only know of A2A and RealAir offering quality payware versions and both seem highly praised.


Any thoughts please before I leap in and invest?

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A2A models earlier versions of the spitfire MKI and MKII models. RealAir spits are much newer models, MKIX and MKXIV


I own a lot of Realair aircraft, but do not own their models of the spitfire. I do however own the A2A models... and I totally recommend them. However Realair is top notch.. I might consider purchasing their spits in the future.


That said, the first aircraft from A2A I purchased was the spitfire, and since then I've purchased all their Accusim aircraft, excluding the P-40, and the Piper Cub. They are quite good, now I wish ALL my aircraft were accusim. I would even purchase each of my payware titles again, if they were to add accusim type simulation to them.


Also A2A keeps updating their Accu-sim product, and each time they update it, currently 1.5.. it affects the Spit, P-40, P-51 at the same time.. and now they have a P-51 civilian model which is also updated with each accu-sim update.


I have spent quite a bit on A2A, and have not regretted a single penny.


Again, though, A2A spits, especially with Accusim addition, are quite a bit to handle, required a bit of reading, and operate quite close to the real thing, in my opinion. If you are looking for an easier plane to fly consider just the base A2A plane.


If you are looking for newer models consider the Realair Spits. Though they were released in 2008... and A2A's models were released Jan 2011.


All in my opinion :)



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I've never tried the RealAir Spitfire, but the A2A one is jawdroppingly good!


But, it depends if you are really after the real deal... You do have to manage the aircraft just as you would the real one. You must monitor the engine temps, you must make sure you don't drop the flaps above the rated speed, and you must even top up the oil!


It simulates not only the flight dynamics brilliantly (I've never flown a real Spit, but I've spent many hours in deep conversation with people who have, and from what I've heard, its pretty spot on..) It also simulates the Merlin engine, and all its nuances.


If your after a 'lighter' product then perhaps RealIAir is the way to go, as I said before, I don't own their Spit, but I do own their Turbo Duke and its fantastic. They produce some top quality stuff and are definitely high up there in the quality pay-ware world.

James W



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Thanks guys for your views - much appreciated.


I do own the RealAir Legacy and the Duke and I really love these products. What's your feelings regarding the "graphic" quality of the cockpits? It seems that A2A have produced a more accurate model in terms of mechanical/electrical systems but I wondered which one has the more realistic/immersive cockpit?


Stupid question I guess because unless you own both then how can you compare?!!

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Dont even think about it ... get the A2A Accusim version, might cost more but if you want as real as you can get its the best by far.



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I have both. I picked up the Real Air package in a sale they have from time to time. I have to say it is one that I have not used much if at all in the last 6-12 months. Let me explain...


I suppose it will always boil down to what level of realism you want. The Real Air Spitfires in FSX (MkIX and XIV) are nice enough, but A2A's Spitfire I and II combined with the accusim module go so much further in terms of realism, look, and feel.


You need to look after your A2A Spitfire, treat the aircraft with the respect a performance flighter of the 30s and 40s requires, or you will have problems. Flying the A2A Spitfire in poor visibility really awakens one's respect of the fighter pilot at the time of the Battle of Britain...


Not putting the Real Air Spitfires down, they are certainly good to go with, but if you want as close to the real deal as can be offered currently, you have to look at the A2A package with accusim module as well... $50 will get you both packages at the moment, which is a fair bit more expensice than the Real Air Spitfires...


Immersion? Won hands down by A2A. No question. You have to keep your engine parameters in check, throttle/prop settings, be prepared for an over-revving engine or runaway propeller, much more immersive. The simulation interacts well, you feel much more part of it, you can almost smell the 100 octane, hot oil and glycol coolant when your engine temperatures run up into the critical zone...


As I said at the outset, it all comes down to what your priorities in FSX are...



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I have both. One thing to bear in mind is the two packages model very different version of the Spitfire:


The Accu-Sim Spitfire models the Mk.I and Mk.II variants which were in front line use from 1938 through to 1941. Early war models, these are the quintessential Battle of Britain Spitfires.


The Real Air package models the Mk.IX and Mk.XIV Spitfires. The Mk.IX was a mid-war model, essentially a Mk.V airframe powered by a Merlin 60 series with a two stage supercharger for better altitude performance. The Mk.IX is often quoted as being the wartime pilots' favourite Spitfire and was the Spitfire that wrested air superiority over the English Channel from the Fw190 in 1942/43. The Mk.XIV of 1944 was powered by the Griffon engine and was a very different beast to earlier Merlin Spits. The XIV is regarded by many - including Eric Brown who flew just about everything, check his bio on Wiki - as being the best dogfighter of WW2.


The Accu-Sim Spit is much newer than the Real Air one, and by virtue of being Accu-Sim has much more going for it in the realism stakes. Don't discount the Real Air one though - Real Air have earned themselves a spot as one of the premier FS aircraft developers, the flight model by Rob Young is superb as always.


As has been said above, what one you get depends on what you want. If you want maximum realism and system fidelity then go for the Accu Sim Spit. If you want a later model Spit with much better performance and aren't too worried about all the stuff Accu Sim models then go for the Real Air one. It should be noted though the Real Air Spit features engine failure if you push it too hard for too long - although not to the same level or detail as Accu Sim.

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I was about to start the same question like TS did. Thanks for starting this topic and also for the replies :D

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Graphically. ?? I just have to say A2A puts a lot of love into their models, inside and out.. as does Realair... but I have to stand with A2A on this one.. the VC is top notch.. really give a feeling of being there.


Also the framerates of the A2A models are really really good, especially when you consider just how good the VC looks.

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I love this community. Nice people taking time to help others they have never met (and probably never will!) by offering genuine help and opinions.


Thank you all!

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