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Tom Allensworth

Two New Features Online

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We have brought two new features online tonight (neither of which effect system performance for those that worry about that kind of stuff)...


FRIENDS ONLINE: If you have friends online, you will now see an icon and the number of friends at the top right corner of the display. You can click on it and send messages to your friends listed there. You can also control whether this displays at all by going to your UCP and changing the settings for Friend Online.


TROLL / SPAM REPORTING: if you look at the bottom of posts now, where the reply and other functions are located, you will see a new function labeled TROLL / SPAM. If you have been with the AVSIM forums long enough and have 150 posts to your credit, you can use this function to report Trolls and Spammers. Unlike the normal REPORT function, this one has some special features that we won't post; suffice to say that TROLLS will get a lot of attention when you use this.

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