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Opportunity to Give Something Big Back to this Community

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Opportunity to Give Something Big Back to this Community


Every once in awhile there is a need for someone with special talents to step forward and volunteer to exercise their skill and talents to accomplish something special for AVSIM. This is such a time when we do need just the right person to fulfill a unique role.


If you have enjoyed the social interaction and camaraderie of multi-player experience, and would like to see it become a dynamic part of AVSIM, this is your chance to make it happen. Help us build a new TS division as our AVSIM Teamspeak Manager!


Creativity, integrity and initiative are the bell ringers we are seeking in the leader for this senior management role. We really hope that if you see how this challenge could or should be done, that you will step forward, take command, and get it done.


If interested, please respond in private by contacting stephen@avsim.com and ckreznor@avsim.com at your earliest convenience for a personal interview with Stephen and Chase.


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