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MegaScenryX SoCal Water Issue: Is this Typcial?

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Was wondering if anyone knows what is causing MegaScenry SoCal (a recent purchase/download) to constantly redraw the water texture/mesh layer or ? for coastal bay areas (e.g., San Diego Bay) in ugly, very noticeable block like sections (or tiles maybe); or if this is a "situation normal" issue with MegaScenry SoCal. I searched for any related posts here and via Google but have not come across this topic. On top of that, the bay water color is more of a dark green with MegaScenery than is the case if default FSX.




To troubleshoot this, I did a fresh install of FSX, and then installed MegaScenry as my only add on (which is when the issue appears). Made sure to put MegaScenry at the top in Scenic Library. I also installed a patch for MegaScenry. (a cause of this???) I used the stock FSX config and NVidia Insp. settings and applied the MegaScenery suggested settings in FSX - then I even set all sliders to a minimum. This issue does not go away unless (i) I set the water effects slider to the lowest setting or (ii) I pull the terrain resolution all the way back to the very low 2m Texture Resolution setting - going over that level sets off this section-by-section redraw of the water in the inland bay of San Diego - same with Long Beach Harbor. This does not occur in the costal-off shore waters. In sum, it appears to be triggered via bumping that Texture Resolution setting above the 2m setting (of course, producing unacceptable quality overall).


Before doing a complete new download of the file and then re-installing, I was wondering if this is a known issue with MegaScenry or if anyone using MegaScenry SoCal sees this when flying around KSAN (i.e., the San Diego Bay).


Thanks for any input.


P.S., Has this same problem with the usual assortment of popular config and Nivdia Insp tweaks. (also latest Nvidia driver installed)


My System: Asus P8z77-V LK; i-7 3770k Oc'd to 4.2; Evga 660ti SC; Samsung SSD 840 series; 8 Gigs Corsair Vengence Memory 1866

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