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The plane doesn't follow the miss approach procedure in FMC.....

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I was doing a landing at VHHH rwy 07L, I clicked on the screw to engage G/A mode with A/P off, the plane lift off as normal,

I engaged LNAV and VNAV at 400ft and 1000 ft respectively.(according to the following website: http://support.precisionmanuals.com/KB/a52/how-do-i-perform-a-go-around.aspx)


However, the plane then turn left by itself forcing me to fly manually, and then I checked the FMC, I can see the way pt RWY07L didn't disappear and if I engaged the LNAV, if will fly back to the start of runway. And when I tried to replace that waypt by the next waypt I should fly,it said program error.


So what had I do wrong in the whole procedure???

how can I solve the program error?

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