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I am sure there is a really easy answer to this and I am just being a bit of a newbie, so please be gentle with me.


A few weeks ago I purchased the Saitek Pro flight stick and pedals. Until now I have been using a Saitek X52 joystick but wanted to get a more realistic feel so too the plunge and bought the Pro Flight stick Yoke system.

In the past with my X52 I used the Saitek profiler software to switch between different configurations (prop and Jet). However with the new Flight yoke I have been forced to set up the configuration in FSK ( I could not get it to pick up the Saitek profile correctly).


Currently I have the following set up in FSX


Left hand lever = spoilers

Centre Lever = Throttles

Right hand lever = Flaps


For the Yoke I have the Toga button under the left hand back of the yoke Button3

Trim is on the A1 & A2 switch

View zoom is on B1 and B2 with dolly left and right on C1& C2

Autopilot disengage is on the red button D


This all works great but when I want to fly a prop plane I need to remap the throttles in FSX to cater for the throttle to be on the left hand lever and the prop advance, mixture on the other two levers.


Have I missed something in the setup? Does anyone have a step by step guide that would help me?


I have seen a lot of threads on the full paid for version of FSUIP, and perhaps I should go that route?


Your help/advice is appreciated.

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Definitely..I use FSUIPC and create profiles for advanced props, jets, etc. Once you learn your way around, its easy to setup, and much more flexible. Especially if you like using an axis for your flaps.

Jim Shield

Cybersecurity Specialist

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Forgiven (this time) John,


You are a newcomer and mistakes happen. It's the other fellers that know better that don't care that get on my nerves!


Kind regards,


PS: Welcome to AVSIM and hope you enjoy it as much as most of us have!

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i don't really fly propes, so my setup with the NGX stays the same, and it's similer to yours. cheers.


Daniel. How do you like it with the NGX? I've been thinking about buying this lately but have been holding off. I fly only the NGX. If you assign one of the levers on the throttle quadrant as the spoilers, can you set the Arm position and the Flight Detent position as well as full?



Kevin LaMal

"Facts Don't Care About Your Feelings" - Shapiro2024

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