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NGX Overhead and FSUIPC

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First of all, please excuse my slight ignorance on this matter but I am having problems trying to get my head around how to link FSUIPC to the complete NGX overhead.


I will explain -

I am in the process of construction my 737 cockpit and have got to the stage where I wish to wire up the annunciators and switches. Most annunciators have been wired up successfully but I have hit a bit of a stumbling block with the switching.

All switches are, or are going to be, wired through Leo Bodnar BU0836X cards and so far I have been able to utilise some switches through FSUIPC and mouse macros but unfortunately, not all the switches on the NGX overhead allow the use of macro mousing.

I know that through FSUIPC's buttons and switches, you can use custom controls to enable the input of the five digit numbers for the FSX controls but when looking at the Offset Mapping for PMDG 737NGX pdf file in the Modules folder, all the control references contain just four digits in a combination of just numbers or numbers and letters. The documentaion in the NGX SDK doesn't appear to have digit references at all.

I have tried in vain to try and insert these numbers/digits into the FSUPIC custom controls as they are just not accepted.

I am obviously doing something wrong or just cannot understand the documentation that comes with FSUIPC.


Can one of you good fellows here try and point me in the right direction and explain in a simplistic form just what I am doing wrong.


Thanks in advance for your time.



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From what I understand (and I'm no SDK or FSUIPC junkie), you shouldn't need to use FSUIPC.


I could be horribly wrong, however.

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Guest happy2

Hi Gary

this is a bit late now but did you ever get your fsuipc and bodnar boards to work

I have just got to that bit and got it all to work from mouse mackros.

if i can be of any help let me know.


my next problem is how the hell do i get the annunciators to work through fsuipc offsets and bodnar boards ???



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for PMDG offsets look here:



I have an OVH made for IFLY 737 but the process to follow is the same.

First of all a Leo Bodnar card is great for switches (inputs) but you cannot use it for outputs (read annunciators).


If you want to have all in one (input and output) I have chosen flightdecksolution



It's pricey but you won't regret it at all.


It comes with an easy to use software to connect easily all of your switches and annunciators.

Fsuipc (registered version) is a must.


you could still use your Bodnar card to connect other switches, I have 2 on my cockpit for example.

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