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Trying to track down a cause of OOM CTD

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So I have read quite a few topics on this, but can't seem to narrow it down as to what is causing this for me. I do run quite a bit of scenery, but I have a fairly good system that honestly should be able to handle it without any issues. I think the last straw was I had just landed today into LAX after a successful flight with VAFS and it crashed on my and I think I am going to have to do the flight over again. I attached a copy of my FSX.cfg. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help.



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Bring up the OS Event Viewer and look for any error events associated to FSX.EXE ... if you are lucky it might point you to a specific module/DLL that caused the crash. From there you can uninstall/remove whatever caused it.


I had a similar problem with Piper Cheyenne X ... Event Viewer pointed me to a gauge it used that was causing the problem. Uninstalled the Piper Cheyenne X and made sure any references in FSX.CFG to that gauge were gone.

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Do you have Windows 8 64 bit installed or the 32 bit version? The 32 bit version will only allow FSX to use about 2 GB's of memory unless you employ the 3GB switch then FSX will use up to 3GB's of RAM. The rest of your 16GB's of RAM is used for system functions. With the 64 bit version, FSX will see up to 4GB's w/o any switch and the rest will be used for system processes and applications.


If you do have the 64bit version, you'll have to lower your fsx settings. The LOD 5.5 in your FSX.cfg may be too high. Instead I would change the Texture_Max_Load setting to 4096 (HD). I have run my system successfully for several flights with LOD at 9.5 but I have to make sure the weather is turned off. I have since moved back to 4.5. I was just trying to crash my system and couldn't.


I'm not a fan of the following settings in your Graphics section -





But, if you know exactly what you are doing and what they are there for, then go ahead and keep them.


Your Traffic Manager section is okay but for the following:


ShipsAndFerriesDensity=100 Some say this is a frame rate killer and I would change this to no higher than 20. Are you flying constantly over water with ships and ferries below? Maybe this would be a good to raise when flying over FTX PNW water where there are some ferries and ships. But flying over non-water areas it should be lowered or turned off.


You have multi-monitors. Undocking gauges and stuff over to the 2nd monitor, especially in Windowed mode is a frame-rate killer. In fact it freezes my system.


I see you like Autogen. If you are going to use autogen, then I would throw the following tweak into the Terrain section of the fsx.cfg:





Glad to see you are running FSX in DX10 Preview mode. I see PaulJ gave you some tips and he usually is right on the mark. But sometimes, too many tweaks to FSX, an old, old game may do more harm than good. I keep as many tweaks as possible out of the fsx.cfg.


If you have a commercial weather program like AS2012, check the resolution for clouds. Anything above 1024 is a frame rate killer. I had my AS2012 clouds set at 4096 and I started seeing mini-freezes. Lowered to 1024 and no more problems.


Best regards,


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Not related to your problem, but I notice you have multiple "DISPLAY.Device.NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680.0.1" definitions. One of those should be removed.


With triple displays, the video buffer space is going to eat a lot of VAS (although DX10 does help mitigate that impact some), and then when you add multiple hi-res enhancements (like LOD > 4.5, cloud textures > 1024x1024, aircraft textures > 1024x1024, HD airport textures etc) across those triple displays you're probably teetering pretty close to the edge. FSX is a 32-bit program, so it can never exceed 4GB of VAS despite a 64-bit OS and regardless of how much RAM you might have on the system.


It'd probably be a good idea to watch your memory allocation while experimenting with the various hi-res settings. A crash on final or right after landing is actually a fairly common symptom of running too close to the ragged edge--the addition of AI and/or add-on airport scenery textures can be just enough to push it past the 4GB limit and trigger an OOM.



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