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RTWR 2013 Finale at Cape Town - Heads Up

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RTWR 2013 Finale at Cape Town


The pilots at AVSIM have set up a final barbeque to be held in the Cape Town region. Everyone is invited to celebrate the eleventh running of our crazy race.


We shall gather at 1900UTC (14:00 EST) on Saturday, February 23, 2013. In order to allow the circuit to be flown in the Western Cape's late afternoon sunset, we shall want to "time shift" the virtual takeoff time to about 15:45 Local (14:45 UTC).



The Cape Town Circuit


Jeff Williams has created a shortish (112.5 nm) route around Cape Town. This Cape Town Circuit is sponsored by the letter "C" for Cessna. He proposes that everyone fly his favorite Cessna around the circuit between 1500 -2000 feet at around 120 - 130 knots. (The default C172SP will do nicely.) This route should not take much longer than one hour.


The route and a map should be attached to this message. (The flightplan did not upload. Look to the AVSIM team ftp server. Alternatively, you can download a zipfile here: https://dl.dropbox.c...t Cape Town.zip .)


The guys at Sim-Outhouse have offered to serve as hosts for the event. We shall meet on their server. For details, see below.



Scenery for the Cape Town area


You need no extra scenery for the Circuit. Those who have an interest in enhancing the scenery might look at a few options. (The dramatic setting for Cape Town makes it one of the most beautiful cities in the world.)


The "go to" source for scenery in South Africa is Aeroworx. They have an excellent reputation for freeware scenery products for both FSX and FS2004. Best to start with their home site: http://www.aeroworx.co.za/ . Most of their work is also available at the AVSIM and FlightSim libraries. (For the event, you are mainly interested in Cape Town and the Western Cape. A good mesh will also be helpful to show the distinctive features of Table Mountain and the ridges along the Cape of Good Hope. Aeroworx also has an excellent rendition of the harbors and Robben Island and so forth. Other authors offer other addons for the area as well.)



The Sim-Outhouse Mulitplayer and TeamSpeak Servers


The guys over at Sim-Outhouse have graciously invited us to use their Multiplayer Server and TeamSpeak Server. When everyone uses this common source, we will all be able to "see" each other and talk with each other.


The SOH Multiplayer Server address is www.sim-outhouse.net (or

The SOH TeamSpeak Server address is www.sim-outhouse.net

To view the Status Page, go to www.sim-outhouse.net:8181


Many thanks to Sim-Outhouse for their hospitality.


In addition, team FlightSim has offered their servers as a backup if needed. They are both at:



Thanks for your consideration. We hope that you enjoy the event.



Port Forwarding.


Please forward your key ports from your internet provider to your own machine – as you do whenever you use a public multiplayer server. (This is important for those who have a wireless connection or a home network.) If you do not you will produce the dreaded "Could not connect all players" error and be unable to enter. Or, worse, you will enter and knock other pilots off the server. If you have any problems connecting check your firewall and make sure it is not blocking your sim.


FS2004 and FSX:

UDP 23456 *default port

UDP 23457 to 23461 *add to access the special SOH sessions – not needed for Cape Town

UDP 6073

UDP 2300 to 2400


See the FAQ at http://www.chocolate...ware.com/fshost For more information.

Use the Port checker software built by Russell Gilbert to check your port settings. It will not check the custom ports assigned to each Hops List but it will check all other necessary ports http://www.chocolate...php?topic=737.0


Another good source for free information on forwarding your ports is at Port Forward www.portforward.com . They are selling a program that will automatically forward your ports – the program does work nicely enough. However, the free information does not require a purchase and the step-by-step instructions might prove enormously helpful for the technologically-savvy and the technologically-challenged. For the free guides, start here: http://portforward.c...ort_forwarding/ .


(Austin Davis, twoflats@yahoo.com , has offered to help with connections.)



SOH FC Server rules and terms of use.


As invited guests, we should all observe the SOH Rules below. In particular, FS2004 users will want to set their frame rates at a maximum of 25fps.


Flying rules:

Real World Weather is the preferred weather unless it is set by the server. You may choose any real world weather engine you choose.

Realism settings allow crashes and stress

Feel free to disallow collisions with other players

All Realism sliders full right (OK if you can handle it)

Do not stay in Pause, Slew, or Rate mode on the server. You are blocking out other players when you do this. If you do you will be removed from the session.

For FS2004 lock your frame rates at 25 fps. For FS2002 and FSX set your frame rates were ever you feel like.

Be courteous to other players at all times.


Language rules:

Swearing will not be tolerated. Keep the language clean or you will be banned. You will get only one warning.


Subject matter rules:

ANY Promotion of Pirated Software will result in a permanent Banning.


Good Luck and Have Fun!!

The SOH FC Staff

As always Special Thanks to Russell Gilbert who created the FS Host Server Software.


--Mike MacKuen


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Cape Circuit Flight Plans for FS2004 and FSX


Rob Ibey and Larry Green have been kind enough to create separate MSFS Flight Plans for FS2004 and FSX. You can download the flight plans here: https://dl.dropbox.c...4 & FSX FPs.zip


Please download these and use the appropriate flight plan.






A Simulator's Tour of the Cape


Years ago, Jeff Williams and I wrote a bunch of geographical descriptions for Dean Barry's delightful Round the World Buzz. Dean still has those on his website http://www.dmcity.co...arty/route.html .


For more information than you want, here are the "narratives" for the Western Cape. (They include a number of additional scenic points and some information on flying in the region.)



--Mike MacKuen


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From Rob (srgalahad):


Something to fly by...



Begins with the South African National Anthem .


(Forum won't allow the whole playlist to be imbedded)


N'Kosi Sikeleli





On a more mundane matter: We might want a "virtual" take off time at 16:00 local. Clear skies, brisk southwesterly wind today.

--Mike MacKuen


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