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Just Flight airliner multi deal

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At first I thought that sounds like a good deal, but if it's only those six planes, I'll pass. Anyways, thanks for the HU!


I don't own any of them, but I've had the DC-6 demo, which I didn't really like, besides, PMDG has one coming sooner or later. The two that made the best impression on me are the Connie and the Comet(which IMHO is an ugly plane by its design, though). From my experience with Justflight's products, none of them are really must-haves, but the ones that I own aren't bad either.

I'd be very careful about the Airbus and the DC-10, though, because those two could be ported over, and (I think it's the third time I recommend his planes today) Thomas Ruth has made both of those types FSX native, and they are for free and the functioality might be similar.


Please note, that this is my personal opinion, which is only based on the info and material provided on JustFlight's website, not on experience with these particular products.


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