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Not being a programmer etc I cant offer much in return for the bits I have downloaded but I hope this idea helps pay back a bit. It is a suggestion for a "hands on" cockpit experience.
I have got the saitek pro yoke, rudders, all 4 panels but only got 1 Flight Instrument Panel (which took a lot of time to get working on my PC). I only got the one because of the cost. Here in Aust. the shipping makes them expensive.
So what I did was get on the net and purchase a small touch screen monitor direct out of China -
(they are probably more available in the USA /Europe than over here)
It was the same price as just one FIP and delivery was about 3 weeks. I spent a weekend making a square aluminium frame to screw the monitor to  and which was then screwed down to the top of the yoke. Make sure it is positioned so as when the yoke is at full forward you have clearance in front of the screen. All you need is a hacksaw, small file and a pop riveter, a drill plus screwdriver. Take the time to make a strong rigid frame as each side of the aluminium frame is what other hardware can be screwed / bolted into. If you haven't a yoke, position it however you can. This idea doesnt actually require other hardware.
Plug the small monitor into the PC with VGA or adapter and "extend the screen" so as its an
extension of monitor 1.  Create a new camera definition centred on the main flight instruments ( I did it for Beech Baron 58, my preferred aircraft). Start up FSX and go to Views and choose the one just created by whatever name you have given it. Undock the view and slide it over into the small monitor 2 and use pan and zoom to position it (if your camera definition isnt too accurate).
You will now have at least another 4 instruments visible for the price of one FIP.(but the resolution is not as good... thats the tradeoff)
But here's where it gets real fun. Open another view, say GPS and slide over into monitor 2. You get the ability to view all ancillary panels / gauges without cluttering the main monitor.
But thats not the fun bit..  the LCD monitor came with touch screen software. It was a bit hard to get it working as the instructions were typically almost useless but clear enough to work it out. Make sure you calibtate it to 25 points though , not 4 or 5 so as to get more precise control.  Now the
fun bit is you can click on the GPS by however you do it ( I have one of the FIP buttons set to it), it opens in the touch screen monitor and you forget the mouse,, just touch the buttons in the GPS panel to zoom in, out, new pages etc. Same applies for throttle quadrant, fuel cross flow etc... any panel that you undock and slide into monitor 2.
 A great leap forward in literally hands on fun for the cost of a $187 monitor and about $20 of aluminium angle strips and pop rivets. Oh Yeah.. the touch screen wont work for us left handers.. mouse has to be set for right handed operation.

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