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Rayan giggs

Occur only in A320 Extended.

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Hi guys:


We know we cannot undock or click on the Ecam, ND. and FD in the aerosoft A320 Extended because its not supported.

The only way is take a viewpoint by pressing ( [ ) or ( ] ) and modified the view you need to open.

Now, i build a home cockpit and i took the ND , FD, and the two ECAMs ( upper and lower ) to open them in my cockpit. So i take a four viewpoints.

When i do that i get a drop in my frame rate. Thats confused me especially when i have a good system ( i7 2600K at 5.0 Mhz - Corsair 8GB platinum 2133Ghz - GTX680 Direct CU II TOP 1201 core clock ).


What i need to do friends, the aerosoft A320 EX is my best aircraft and also the design of my cockpit similar to the design of the real A320.


The four ND, FD, and the two ECAMs are important to my cockpit.


Please help.


Thanks alote...

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