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Paints for my virtual airline, 737NGX and more

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I'm looking for somebody to create two liveries of my virtual airline for 737NGX, for 737-800W and 737-700W versions to be exact. I have the basic design of the livery already done for many other addon aircraft, now I would just need somebody to recreate the design for these birds as my own aircraft painting skills are pretty much non existent.


It's quite complex livery, however I would be happy to give proper compensation (using paypal) to whoever creates me these paints.


I'm also interested to get repaints for any of the following aircraft:


Aerosoft A320 Extended

Leonardo Maddog

Flight 1/Coolsky DC-9

Captain Sim 767-200

Captain Sim 727-200

Majestic Dash 8-Q400

Black Box A330-200 & A330-300



If you are interested please PM me.  :smile:

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