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Presentation of my Project : FD-FMC , a simplified free FMC

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In first, excuse me for my bad english, I am french.



In second, I would to tel a big thank you to Tom Aguilo, Bob and Rob McElrath; without them, I would not have done this project


It is a small project because I have discover and learn XML language 1 year ago.



Since june 2012, I work to a simplified FMC for Project Airbus Aircraft (actually based on the A320) , and after , I hope, for others aircraft. I am near of the end of the project and the FMS works now from takeoff until autoland. 


The panel is buid on the A321 FSX default VC, but I have activated all the possible switch of the panel (BLEEDS, fuels pumps, crossfeed, crossbleed, engine fire procedure.... and can be easily adapted on anotrher VC.

I have created the real fuel circuit (from center tank to wings tank, with crossfeed working, tank security reserve) all pumps workings.


I have created also the real engine start procedure with Bleeds fucntions.


This FMC/FMS has a un-realisitic look, but a real operation, with vertical navigation control, with constant trust climb and variable pitch.


The look of the FMS is willingly un-realistic, because I think that many simers (like me) have some difficulties or don't like the real instrument interface. And for me, the important thing was to create a real comportement of the aircraft, while climb and descent.



The FMS works with the FSX database completed with the free AIRAC of Graham Mitchell from VATSIM. With a some people, with have created a team, called FreeNav DB Group, to create a freeware database of SID, STAR and Approachs for airports. If your are interested to join this group, you are welcome. I have created a EXCEL input file to create the SID/STAR/APPROACHs data files, in CSV format.


If some developers are interested, I am ok to share my xml gauge that manage this data, all the file format is open and useable for freeware use only.


FD-FMC manage constraint speed and altitude for noise abatement procedure, but not manage SID altitude constraint. By cons, FD-FMC manage all the altitude and speed constraint along the descent and the STAR.


It include a flight plan edit tool to modify an existing FSX flight plan. 


The gauge overwrite the original FSX flight plan, with the SID/STAR data when you use them. It has a FMS data backup function when you save your flight.



I have modified the .air file to be closest the reality of the A320 engines data. 


I have created the throttles notches (CL, FLEX, TOGA) of the Airbus (with original sound). I have wrote my own autopilot, with a refresh of the IAS versus MACH value according the altitude to avoid the overspeed problem of FSX and its unrealisitic autopilot.


The A/THR function is my own code, that permit a climb with a N1 value (constant thrust, like real aircraft,) and FD-FMC controls the pitch of the aircraft to maintain managed speed.



I have created all the FCU airbus mode, managed and selected, with the push/pull function of each knob :



The most of the FCU modes work  (also the reversion mode): 

  • RWY
  • SRS
  • CLB
  • OP CLB
  • ALT
  • MACH  (real mach mode with IAS refresh according altitude)
  • DES
  • OP DES
  • LAND
  • V/S



Only the FPA and TRK mode are not simulated.




FD-FMC, manage Flexible takeoff temperature, THust Reduction altitude, Acceleration altitude, with LVR CLB reading to move the throttles on CLIMB position.It compute the top of descent....................




It has Perf pages, to enter data for ttakeoff, climb, curise and descent. It can manage a second flight level according a weight.



here is some screenshots :


































It has a tool to add or delte waypoint, modify the flight plan and save it :

















With the FreeNav DB group Data, FD-FMC can load SID STAR and approachs 



Here, for example, he list of the LFPO PAris - Orly SID :










When you load a SID, the SID is automatically added to the flight plan.




The STAR data include the SPEED and Altitude constraint, and also specific procedere like holding pattern or DME-ARC. The FMS manage alone thses procedure, with the STAR data.







Holding pattern are totally managed by FD-FMC, with all type of entrance (by front or in the same way):

Here is a sample of a STAR and 34R approach of KSLC Salt Lake Cityl with a front entrance in an holding pattern and the official ICAO procedure for this type of entrance in Hold:




STAR arrive by the north, turn form CEEDR to FFU VOR where the is a holding pattern oriented north-south
ICAo procedure by front entrance, with a diagonal track to cross the hold and turn back
Complete holding pattern
And land to 34R runway
Here is a sample of the approach of the 07 at LIRF - Fiumicino ROMA ITaly

in black, the approach in the approach file data, loaded in the FMS.




Here is the real track, with the DME-ARC managed by my FMS





Approach loaded in the FMS :










Other sample with the STAR "RIVER" and approach of the 36C of EHAM SCHIPHOL with a inversion trun before landing




All is 100% managed by the FMS : TRACK, SPEED and descent.





THe ND has all the Airbus mode with a basic TCAS function :






ND has the TAWS, Terrain Radar function :





Last picture






I would like to know your opinion about this panel and do you think that the real vertical navigation function may interst simers ?



To complete my panel, I need some informations about alarms and warnings.


The panel manage already the engine fire damage or fire, with the crossfeed function, estinguishers ......but what's happens if the crew forget to retract the gear after takeoff ?

- Is there a message displaying ?

- Aircraft Speed is locked (in SRS speed) ?

- is there a sound alarm ?


So, I would like to know the same thing for the RTO autobrake function, if the RTO is disabled automatically, or if this is the crew that desengage the RTO and if they forget, what's happens ? sound alarm ?


To summurize, I would add all the warning alarm? If someone can tell me which alarms exists on airbus ?




So, if some freeware developers are intersted by the FreeNav DB group database, you can contact me. i can share my gauge and the EXCEL tool to create files. ( PLAN G is advisable). I have wrote a user manual to create SID/STAR, in french for the moment, but a friend is translating in english.



What is your opinion ?


FreeNav Db Group website (sorry, it is in french) and list of airports realized : http://www.db-online.fr/dbonline/


Francois Dore


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Been watching your progress over at FSDeveloper - glad you got the "string" problem all figured out. ( month or so, ago ?? ) Anyhow looks good!



Roman_Full_combo_AVSIM_2.png?dl=1  FS RTWR   SHRS F-111   JoinFS Host/Client 


Yamaha CR 1000/JBL 2500, AMD 965 BE OC'd @ 3.88, RipJaw 2x4GB 1600 CL7, Gigabyte GTX-1070 OC 8GB, Asus M4A87TD EVO (AMD 870), Samsung 850 EVO 256GB & 1TB SSDs, WD 1T & 500G Black, 19" & 32" LCD, Win7 Pro 64bit, TMaster T-Flight HOTAS, FSX/FS9, FSUIPC / LUA, FSRealWX Pro, PlanG, JoinFS, LittleNavMap

Copilot - Samantha the "Hound"                EAA Chapter 651


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Thanks for your interest.


Been watching your progress over at FSDeveloper - glad you got the "string" problem all figured out. ( month or so, ago ?? ) Anyhow looks good!


yes, Tom has modified his XMLVars Dll , .because my FMS requires to manage many strings variables. Now, his module accept 2048 "strings" against 1024 in the past. Without Tom, I could not have completed this project.

thank you to him !!


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After 2 1/2 years of work, the project is now completed. The aircraft user manual is actually translting from french to English by Sean Kneppers. So, he think that his job will be completed in two weeks, so I can tell today that the Project Airbus A320 with FD-FMC will be on the AVSIM library before end of february.


It will be provided with a starting SID/STAR/Approaches database of 100 airports.


I have created a "tools kit" which allow to everybody to create airport files for the FMC, with French and English user manual.


All information about the project can be found here : http://freenavdbgroup.com/


I many thanks Tom Aguilo and Bob Mc Elrath, for their help !




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Superb work!!  Especially that you also integrated CLB, OP CLB modes, etc.


Congratulations on completing the project. :smile:

Craig Bennet

Currently taking a break from the FS hobby.


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Great job Francois!


So much work involved in your project.  It's good to see SIDs and STARs incorporated using the FreeNav DB Group work - you won't find many examples of this in the forums, but now we have your effort.


Thanks for taking the time to post your work ... and all the screen shots, it really looks great.  I agree with Roman - it has been fun watching your progress.  Well done.


Bob McElrath

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Thank you very much everybody, and excuse me for the delayed response.


Project is completed now (some delay to fix final bugs...). I am waiting the French to English translation of the User manual and I will post the Aircraft on the AVSIM library. (I think in one month maximum)


A special thanks to you, Bob; Without you, this project will not exist !! Many thanks.


You can see some HD videos of the beta version here : https://www.youtube.com/user/fddfr  specialy LFBD to LFKJ (by use the "ECON" settings, but user can use his own settings ) with the last beta version; It is a summurize of a complete flight, with a hard manual approach ! I am not a good pilot  :lol:


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