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Yes, I love those WWI scouts. The first model I ever built; at 8, was snoopy and the red barron. Watched the Blue max when it was new. Built scale models for years, read a lot of books, and love a good flight sim lol.


After I got FSX downloaded and fumbled my way through getting in and fliying, you know I had to track down some of my beloved scouts. Didn't find many and what I found I'm clueless how to install.


Breif history. I have been playing video games for as long as there have been video games, and pinball before that. I went on line 15 years ago and went right to beta testing; winzip. I started doing CG art back when it was sprits and math formulas. For a while I moded GT500. Basically I took car race tracks and converted them to work in a motor cycle racer. So forlder diveing and playing conversion hopscotch is not new to me lol. Before that I was making, textueing, and flying plains in FMS. Which was just too easy to work with lol I look forward to doing something similar here.


I am a texture artest using Genetica, and have been one of the lead beta testers pratically since it's incept. I have been modeling in Hexagon since version 2 was released; 7 years ago ? But what I love to do is stage scenes and animations in Carrara. Yes, I am lazy and use Poser/DAZ premades; doesn't mean I don't retexture and spend hours staging and lighting.


This also means I am quite used to working with content and file structure. And know how things go when apps change and folders are restructured. Meaning I have plane models; like the Dr1, but folders don't match up so I can't install them. Yes it had an installer for FSX, but I don't actually have an FSX folder. as in I installed it to a dummy folder and it created a Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder with all of it's content, but my game is in Microsoft Flight; that would be  x86/microsoft games. And the folders that are in the FSX folder don't seem to coraspond to the folder in MF folder. In fact I may be in the wrong folder becausae the in game content doesn't seem to be in the folder; but the rest of the game is.


So far the only issue I have flying; and with all the helpers how could I have too many lol is not having a joystick sensativaty setting. Even with the helpers I don't have that sort of fine motor skills; arthritus, but if I could adjust the sensativity I could probibly lower some of the helpers. Standard logitech rumble pad. Yes and I wish I had a wheel for my racing games too lol; had one, wore it out.

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