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Assistance with Single Engine GA Setup

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G'day Friends,


I need some help with a project I've been tasked with. I have to reconfigure a GA simulator for use at a flight school. The goal is to have a 220° projected view on a curved display with control input coming from a rather well designed console having dual controls, many of which designed from real parts, the rest a mix of custom and third party. Currently, the system runs, but the scenery display suffers MASSIVE frame loss and is very glitchy. I'll list the current configuration:


1.       PC 1 - Runs FSX, displays to a single LCD monitor for scenery overview, and has dual LCD display for cockpit instruments and RealityXP GNS 430, receives inputs from all flight controls, acts as FSUIP  and   Wideview server.  This machine runs a dual core AMD, mediocre video and fast SSD.


Panel  software (forgive me, I’ve forgotten the name, but it’s the one you can configure and allow to work as a default FSX panel) is displayed on a spilt LCD display (two monitors) at the console. This panel display is stretched across the 2. RealityXP GNS 430 software is also displayed here, on the left side. The RXP instance is controlled by input from a customer-built model of the G430.


2.       PC 2 – The display machine – This machine runs FSX, Wideview Client, and FSUIP client. This is the most powerful of the machines with an i7 processor, Crossfire (FAST) Radeons, fast SSD and a lot of RAM. The machine’s display is outputted via DVI to a Triple Head 2 Go,  and configured via Immersive Display Pro to stretch across 220° on 3 projectors


3.       PC 3 – Runs 3 Monitors, Instructor Station software, FSUIP client, GoogleEarth, and Plan G. This is a budget machine, not critical to the operation other than the Instructor Station software, which, in this setup is buggy at best.


Okay, the problem is that while all of this works, it does so crappily. I’ve got a bottleneck somewhere, and I’m having difficulty (operational constraints) determining where it is. 3 probabilities: Triplehead 2 go, Wideview, or the way things are configured.


What I need is advice of the configuration (which PC’s where, how much power each needs, HOW MANY PCs, which software to run etc). I know it’s a big ask, so I appreciate ANY advice I receive. I just need a place to start. Also, if anyone has used a similar configuration, I’d love a report on its success.


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If it were me I would start at the Core FSX machine and benchmark there first. Just FSX no clients, no external gauges, and add each until you see what is causing the biggest hit. From quick read thru it looks like you might be undocking alot of gauges and generally every time you undock a gauge/screen you take a massive fps hit.

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Thanks, Ohsirus. You reckon the core FSX machine being a little underpowered and running a lot of undocked gauges might have something to do with it? I was suspicious of that, and the fact that the most powerful PC is only running visuals as a WideView client. Cheers.

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