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Ron Attwood

Back Country Prop Club rides again......

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If you don't know what Back Country Prop Club is then gather round.

BCPC was a bunch of guys and some chaps who flew together online and had FUN. No bollockings from ATC or rockets for not using proper procedures, just good old fashioned fun.

We'd meet at predetermined location get the idea.

Here's how it works. I provide a dedicated server so no-one has to worry about hosting. We'd have a flight plan provided by 'whoever', this would be shared over TeamSpeak.

The only aircraft allowed would be nothing bigger than a GA twin. Tubeliners/B17s etc would be automatically kicked by software. As would any aircraft guilty of flooding. A list of which can be obtained HERE.

Sessions will be BST (GMT+1)

TeamSpeak is a must. It would be appreciated if you used Push To Talk (PTT) and a headset as no-one wants to hear themselves. Well I don't!, your engines, your wife shouting at you to turn that bloody noise down or your kids crying "Daddy, my feet hurt. When will you buy me some shoes?"

We will have a resident Squadron Padre,(SpiritFlyer) who will be on hand to council those of you who crash and find the resulting hilarity of your fellow flyers too much to bear.

There will be space for 11 pilots so...Well, so.

Oh yes, we will be flying almost exclusively in Orbx country, be it U.S. Aus, NZ or if we must, ENG

We'll look at passwording etc later when we see what the response is.

Old BCPCers will be welcome.

AVSIM Teamspeak Address is:

Label: AVSIM


PM me for any info you may require.

PM me for any info you may require.

Ron, out



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OK, not such a good idea after all. Maybe it was the word FUN? :unsure:

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It's a great idea!


I just created a Back Country Prop Club channel on the AVSIM TeamSpeak server, so let the fun begin!


Kind regards,

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In for a penny...The server is running and you're all welcome. Check HERE for the IP address. Look down the list and you'll see AVSIM -- GA, along side that is the IP.

For those that don't know, join the session via Multiplayer\ Put a dot in Local Connection and give yourself a name (real would be nice) and click 'Join'


Next window. Click 'Connect Directly'


Next window. Enter the IP address. (this will be remembered for next time) Click 'Find sessions'


With a bit of luck you'll get the session options screen. Select your aircraft and at the bottom of the window, select the airport. Default is Bowerman but if you're on TS someone will tell you where we're flying from. Click OK and you're good to go.


Chocks away!

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That wasn't too bad for a first night. Four of us on board, some nice 'formationish' flying and good chat. It'll be better when Stephen gets his comms sorted.

The server will be up from 19.00 BST until about 23.59.

Oh and SilverSurfer, nice flying, whoever you are! Join us on TS next time. :smile:

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! 


Frivolous Fun Flights For Free Flight Followers!

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Gorgeous skies and good folks.  Who could ask for more.  I was late with the camera but I did manage to snap a couple of polaroids from my cockpit.  The first one is right around the sunset and the second was as we were approaching 2S1...a few minutes before I sent Ron's dog to meet the Maker...LOL...sorry bout that.  Good times.  





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Have had a lot of fun flying with you guys the last few days the more the merrier.  Josh

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