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WARJ failing ILS

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Hi All. Doing a round the world flight and WARJ is one of my stops. I am having massive problems doing an ILS Landing here on ILS09. have made several attempts, watching speeds, VREFs, headings and the queen just fails to Catch the Localizer or the ILS GS, despite flying low and slow (Tried @ 3000/2000/1000 ft to try to catch it, but no go. I can get the magents diamond above the line, so flying under the GS, arm LOC and APP, but the aircraft just flies str8 thru the GS and VNAV alt annunciates.


Have checked scenery file, all looks OK, ILS freq OK, Localiser OK, so got me stumpted. It must be something to do with the approach? I have attached a pic below to see the approach.


Just a few questions here.


Why does the magenta line in the PFD skirt CI09?

Whats with the 240/348 @ Rwy 09

What is the 3.1degrees above the 348 figure

What needs to be done to fly this ILS approach on the flightplan (If thats the problem)


Many thanks,  Chris Morgan


Dont want to be stuck in Jogya forever :-) 7a58b6aa-5cae-4e73-9d56-122df561049e_zps

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Any chance of a screen shot when at 2000ft on approach? (ie about 10 miles from the runway)

Interested in what the Glideslope indication looks like on final approach at 10 miles.


Sitting at the gate isn't much use, especially if the ILS isn't tuned.


Glideslope isn't a function of the FMS or AIRAC. It's the physical radio transmitter system at the Runway itself. Maybe FSX hasn't put the Glideslope where it should be (Scenery file .bgl afcads etc).


This is assuming you have APP mode armed of course.


Any chance of just turning off the autopilot and using that big yoke thing to get it on the ground too?

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