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Controler Configuration (FSUIPC and LINDA)

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Hey All,


After having some issues with start/stop motion (FSUIPC Autosave, not affinity mask after testing that for a LONG time) I have finally gotten into the Q. I have done 3 flawless flights (minus a few CTDs that were fixed by reinsatlling and running as ADMIN) thus far and have a couple more (Horizon, PNW flying) in the itinerary. 


Anyway, my question is for people who are using FSUIPC and LINDA.


1) How are you mapping controllers via FSUIPC (FSUIPC Direct Axis or FS Normal AXIS)? I have noticed some issue with the rudder (not ground steering, don't worry). If I have it mapped via a FSUIPC axis there is no rudder command (visually on the pedals or in spot view seeing the rudder move or in the MJC control panel). If I map the axis via FS Normal Axis - Set Ruder Axis it does work, but I can set my Brakes, spoiler/tiller, Elevator, and Aileron all via FSUIPC direct Axis and have no problems. 


1a) I have the Saitek ProFlight Yoke, Throttle and Pedals and the Saitek AV8R stick (I use the stick rudder "spin" for my tiller/spoiler axis), should I be setting any null zones in FSUIPC?


2) For those using LINDA what actions do you have mapped to buttons on your controllers  Right now I just have the throttle lock, nose wheel steering on/off, and fuel pumps left and right on/off. I tired setting up "Auto Feather" and "AP off" but that dosen't seem to work. I have elevator trim and ruder trim set via FSUIPC buttons on the yoke as well. 



Jordan Jafferjee
HiFi Technical Support Specialist

P3D 4.5HF3 | Intel i9-9900K@5.2GHz | Asus ROG Maximus XI Hero | NVidia GTX2080TI | 32G G.Skill Trident Z |  NZXT KRACKEN 63 | 2x2TB NVME | 2x512GB SATA6 | Win 10 20H2  | GoFlight TQ6 | TM Warthog Flight Stick | MFG Crosswind Rudder Pedals

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