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White Knuckle FSX

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Sometimes FSX still takes my breath away.


I have just finished the last of a series of "Tour" flights for my VA - a 23-flight circuit of the USA that I've been flying on and off for a few months now.


Last leg tonight.  Detroit to Washington.  In my NGX 737-800.


I'm running Radar Contact, FS2Crew and FSPAX.


An uneventful enough flight - I even managed to guess the landing runway so was set up for an IAP in good time.  Looks like I will finish the tour with a whimper not a bang.


I call for Gear Down about 8nm out.  FSPAX chimes in - we have a serious issue, captain - the gear won't descend.  Sure enough (despite its age) FSPAX has locked the NGX's gear.  Those wheels aren't coming down.


Nothing for it - have to try a belly landing.  Flaps 40 and bleed off speed.  Off with the autopilot and autothrottle and I try to stall it onto the runway at well below landing speed, hoping for the best.  I know I've got collision damage on, 'cause I was daft enough to hit something during taxi in an earlier flight.


At 100' I hear the stewardess instruct the passengers to adopt the brace position - I'm practically doing the same in front of my PC.


Down she goes, scrapes along the runway at 130kts... and slows, and stops, and the pax cheer, and I've completed my last leg with a Big Bang.


I even get an "excellent" crit from RC4 to finish it off.


Wow.  Had to share.  It's been a while since the sim had my blood pressure through the roof.






Paul Skol

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When I used FSPax those failures got to me every time, especially in those war zones :D

I'm glad it ended much better for you than it has for me previously!

Regards, Jeremy Chesney



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