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Flying a CSA SportCruiser, VFR, over the North Wales coast

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I flew from EGNL Walney Island (Barrow) in Cumbria, North West England, to EGCK Caernarfon, North Wales in what has to be the most under-rated LSA aircraft available for FSX............





It's the Just Flight SportCruiser, and although the graphics are not quite RealAir or Ants Airplanes standards, the flight handling characteristics, sound and immersion beat any LSA I've flown in FSX.    The engine sounds contain 'headset whine' ; I wasn't sure how this would work out when I read it but it sounds so authentic, I wish other GA aircraft makers would add this too! ........   The Dynon is fantastic and let me tell you .... (I only bought this aircraft tonight) ..... I will be flying this little beauty EVERYWHERE!


Highly recommend it .......... oh, quite topically (check out BBC News for today), it has a working BRS (Ballistic Recovery System : Parachute).


Happy days!   :smile:

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