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Some of my favourite shots airborne..

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Going through a bunch of my screenshots and found some I'd like to share with you all (if that's okay  :P)


Starting off with a slightly tricky approach into Moscow (UUDD) after a medium haul from Dubai! Probably no the best time to scramble for the Print Screen key!!  :lol:




Next was taken at FL410 shortly after Sunset enroute to Dubai:




Ready to go on Runway 30R at Dubai!




An oldie from when I was flying at BAV - a little dramatic Sunset via the HUD!




Nothing better than departing to the Sunset..




Sunrise over the North Atlantic..




Last but not least, the end of ETOPS on the horizon with landfall! Taken from the JFK trip a week or so back..




Hope you enjoyed the captures from few of my adventures in this wonderful aircraft PMDG have produced! Once again, thank you PMDG for creating such detailed and realistic aircraft ^_^



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Nice set Luke, and i agree...The NGX is the mutts nutts!!

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