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Frontier Airlines A320 (Airbus X Extended)

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I've been wanting to do DEN-CUN in the Airbus X Extended with a Frontier livery for a while now since I've flown that route in real life, but when I search for an Airbus X Extended with Frontier colors, I find liveries for previous versions that aren't compatible for the newest 1.10 version.

Any animal on the tail would be nice! I flew to Cancun from Denver on Sheldon the Turtle (N210FR), so if someone could paint that one, that would be really cool... but then again it doesn't really matter to me.

- Ryan


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The Frontier repaints made for the AirbusX by JanKees Blom work perfectly well in the Extended version .

Why people keep on insisting that they do not work is beyond me . The only " problem " will be the missing registration and selcal numbers ( where known ) on the panel , and having to copy a texture.cfg from one of the textures ( from the same type ) as supplied by Aerosoft in the original download / CD . I also seem to remember someone contacting JanKees and obtaining his permission to update some of his repaints for the Extended version . More information can be found by searching the forums at Aerosoft .

The only drawback with the sheer amount of repaints made by Holgi is that searching the download section at Aerosoft can be time consuming and my impression is that most people ignore repaints made by others ( JanKees and myself included ) , although for example , my rendition of Aer Lingus A320 EI-DEK ( uploaded directly after the release of the AirbusX in 2010 ) is similar to Holgi's version bundled with the Extended .



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Thanks for the information John,

I will give it a try when I've got some time. It's good to know that these are compatible too!

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At least you took the trouble to find the " old " Frontier repaints , at lot of people find it " easier " to request paints that have already been made instead of actually searching the download section either at Aerosoft or here at AVSIM . JanKees Blom had uploaded his repaints at Aerosoft and at OzX , when I last contacted him after the release of the Extended , he told me that he ( personally ) had no intention of purchasing or converting his repaints for the new version , but as earlier stated gave his permission for others to convert them .

It really is a misconception that most people have concerning the AirbusX paints and most just assume that they will not work but with a little work ( emphasis on little ) perfectly well in the Extended . I myself converted JanKees' Frontier paints for use in the Extended and if you have any problems installing let me know and I can supply the VC textures . The Livery Manager supplied after an update by Aerosoft cannot be used to install the paints and therefore must be installed using the good old " cut and paste " method that works just fine .



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