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Aerosoft Airbus X Extended Keyboard rudder and throttle problem

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 I just got the Airbus X Extended and i am using a keyboard and mouse for controls. But during the after engine start checklist it would ask to check left and right rudders. When i press "0" or "Enter" on the number pad to move the rudders they would move but slightly but it will force the rudders back to normal position. then i tried moving the  throttle with "F1 F2 F3 F4"  keys on my keyboard but i could only move them to idle and in to reverse thrust. I do not know if i should buy a joystick and rudders or if i can fix the problem with the rudder and throttle. with out buying anything. So if anyone can help me Fix my problem i would very much appreciate it.


                 Happy Flying!

Kurt Johnson


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Yes and no: The product page clearly states that a hardware throttle and a hardware rudder are required.

You can work around the hardware rudder requirement by either
- using the autocoordination feature (activate autocoord. in both FSX and in the AAX's right MCDU options)
- or assign the rudder axis to the so-called "mouse yoke" function in FSX (not exactly my cup of coffee, admittedly)

You definitely need a hardware throttle axis - either as an axis on a joystick/yoke or as a separate assembly.

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I certainly prefer separate rudder pedals (for crosswind landings, for example).

The AAX works fine with a single throttle (controlling both engines) and an analogue spoiler axis isn't really required, either. So you should be fine with a single throttle axis integrated in a joystick.

There are joysticks around with an integrated rudder "twist" (so you could save up on the separate pedals), but that would not be my cup of coffee, either.


Be aware that in normal manual flight you don't need any rudder at all: The RW Airbus has autocoordination and that's simulated in the AAX as well.


So all you ever need rudders for is taxiing and crosswind landings (and the flight controls check!).

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