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Help with a re-install of RC

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Hi All,

I have been using RC for so many years that I can no longer remember how many! I love Radar Contact and don’t even consider doing a Virtual Airline flight unless my RC is working. I have a challenge with RC which has been the situation for a few months and which surfaced after I changed over to Win 8.

I have not been able to make RC work since my system upgrade. I even bought a new copy of RC when I began experiencing this issue (this was probably my 6th or 7th overall RC purchase—I am a reliable and loyal customer). My scheme was to re-build my entire Flight Sims world after the new System install, but the problem with RC has caused the undertaking to bog down---I need to get back on track---and so have a few questions:


  1. Is there any problem with RC and Win 8?
  2. I was unable to figure out how to do a re-download of the RC software for a really fresh try at doing an install so I am going to buy a new copy---does the $10.00 re-install offer on the RC Website work (I cannot find anyplace to do this---I think that I bought it last time but cannot really remember for sure.
  3. Will a new purchase work without all sorts of EXTRA and HIGHLY TECHNICAL EXTRA STEPS AND PATCHES? I found myself entangled in these issues during my last attempt at installation.

Thanks for any help or thoughts on my issues---I want to get back to rebuilding my hours with Flying Tigers Group—as some of you probably know, we were hacked at our virtual and all the members lost all their many years of accumulated hours/records/recorded memories and comments—I have rebuilt a little but need my RC Back to really get on track


Dorn Cranert

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What specifically is your problem? You should be installing version 4 build 3845. You will need to install some library modues - see 713 pinned topic. Are you right clicking on the install exe for RC and selecting run as admin?


Also this this thread below:



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I just paid for (8th time) the program about two hrs ago--it is the latest version--ran the execute file as administrator---when I start the program there is no place to send for key code---where do I go for install and start information.

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What screen do you get?


Are you getting any of the error codes? Does it just close out?


You do not need to pay for another registration. A few key requests are allowed for each purchase to take care of upgrades, disk reformats, etc.


If you alt-tab do any error code boxes pop-up?


Before you run the install, make sure the objects mentioned in the 713 error topic are installed and registered. Did it install at all in an RCv4X or RCv4 folder according to the flightsim version you chose. If they are there, what files\folders are in there.


Did you incorrectly copy the RC folder between your old and new system? The install is for new folders only.


In any security package be sure RCv4.exe is allowed to pass through (that is in the exempt list from checking).


Try installing RC in a non-program files folder.

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I have RCV4 installed with a shortcut on the desktop


I am not getting any error codes but when I try to load a flight plan the RC4 just defaults to the c/ programs/rcv4---not to wherever the flight plans are stored


I just bought the new copy---the money is spent, so we need not worry about that


I think that I installed these 713 error topic files a few months ago on the last install nightmare


I do not understand where and or when to do the alt/tab


I did not copy the RC folder anywhere I just installed a brand new copy of RCV$ on my new system


my webroot passed the install through with no obvious problems


It seems that RC  (and I) need help in sending my flight plans to a place where RCV$ can find and load them

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So, RC is installed but fails on loading a flight plan. Check your path also to where you browsed to set flt/wx data, usually the same folder as where the .pln files are stored.


You normally store flight plan files in the default location. It may be under your documents folder as a folder called Flight Simulator X Files. See if that folder exists. If so you should be able to browse to it.


Cancelling out of a browse to a folder could cause a problem within RC that may require a reinstall.


You should when downloading RC save a backup of the .zip file as necessary. The registration key will remain valid unless you move the RC folder or reformat the disk. If you need to redownload the .zip, see the thread about recovery on how to obtain the link to redownload and back up that .zip file on a thumb drive or DVD in case you need to extract the rc install files again.


After an install copy rcv3.dat and keyboard.dat to a safe place in another folder not under RC. These are the files that may corrupt if cancelling a browse with an error of 52 if I recall.


So if I now understand you correctly, you got registered and then RC tried to install fsuipc (need to then download the current one), installed makerwys.exe in your FS folder (update that and redo the scenery rebuild again later), and then went back to the main screen. now if you start RC you get to the screen where you can click on the flight plan button and browse to the folder of your choice. Can you get there?

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how about sending me an email, with the particulars of the situation, so we can figure it out. posting here will be a much slower time to resolution. I know of no problems on windows 8. which is just windows 7 with some tweaks.



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