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How to change FSX menu to add winglet versions?

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Greetings all,


Does anyone know how to modify FSX in order to have separate drop-down items for the 737 winglet and non-winglet versions?  I'm referring to the "free flight" startup screen (select aircraft/aircraft type). Both WL and non-WL versions are combined within that aircraft type (-700. -800, etc). How do I change it to have it separated?


Many thanks

Ron Priever


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There is a way to set your filter within that screen to display only certain manufacturers (ex. only show Boeing or Airbus, etc), which is a good start and helps not having to weed through a long list.  Olli4740 is also correct that you can modify the aircraft.cfg file by editing the entry to display a different name which would show up in the selection dialog in fsx.  I have done that in the past when I have downloaded and installed Posky or project airbus aircraft.  i would edit the name entry to just the aircraft manufacturer and type which kept my catalog consistent.

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Parameters to modify here:




But I, personally, don't take the risk of screwing up things (some of the NGX liveries have airline options assigned - don't know what happens to them if I start fumbling here).


I prefer Jim's filter method - as soon as you set the filter to 'PMDG' things look pretty tidy again on aircraft selection ...

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(some of the NGX liveries have airline options assigned - don't know what happens to them if I start fumbling here).


Separate file, stored in the folder of each respective livery (texture).  All the same, I wouldn't go messing with the aircraft.cfg if I didn't have to.

Kyle Rodgers

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There is a really easy (relatively) way to do this.

I use this method for separating aircraft into a "favorites" list that always appears on top of my selection list.


In the aircraft.cfg of the plane you want to separate, find the [fltsim.X] entry for the livery you want.

Then, simply add the number "1" in front of the entry on the ui_manufacturer line:



title=Beech King Air 350 Paint1










ui_manufacturer="1 Beechcraft"

ui_type="King Air 350"

ui_variation="White/Green Stripes"

ui_typerole="Twin Engine TurboProp"

ui_createdby="Microsoft Corporation"

description="The King Air in all its variants is a beautiful airplane with classic styling and graceful lines. Many of the improvements over the years have provided better aerodynamic efficiency, increased muscle under the cowlings, greater speed, upgraded avionics and electrical systems, and increased cabin luxury. In addition to duties as a corporate shuttle, the plane is also available in cargo configurations."


The aircraft list is sorted by the ui_manufacturer line in alphabetical order, so putting the number "1" ensures it will be at the top of your list since numbers come before letters.

If you want to sort winglets or non winglets, then I would suggest putting one group as "1" and the other as "2" and both groups appear at the top of your aircraft list for easy selection.


Yes this method involves manually editing every aircraft you want to show at the top of the list, but it's easy and it doesn't break anything.

And it works.

AJ Pongress


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It really isn't that risky or difficult to modify the aircraft.cfg file to identify winglet and non-winglet variations (or make other changes which affect how they appear in the selection menus).


In fact PMDG have made it very easy for the NGX. They use uityperole to identify the aircraft model (737-800 for example). This means you can open that drop down menu and filter out everything but the PMDG NGX 737-800. Also the winglet and non-winglet versions have separate folders and therefore aircraft.cfg files. So for each of the winglet versions, all you would have to do open aircraft.cfg in notepad and change the line


ui_typerole=737-n00 (where "n" is the series number 6,7,8 or 9)






so 737-800 becomes 737-800WL for example


Do this for all aircraft in the CFG file, and repeat for all winglet version CFG files. As long as you type the whole line in the search and replace edit you can safely change them all in one go. However, just in case the edit goes wrong, make sure you save a copy of the original CFG to go back to. Of course if you ever reinstall or when SP2 is released, you will have to do the editing again. Now the winglet and non-winglet versions for each series can be filtered separately.


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