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AES settings for 737 NGX

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I recently purchased AES for one of my airports and I am wondering if I have to make any changes in the aes config so that it works with my 737 ngx. At first I thought my baggage was not being loaded into the plane, but now that I have watched some videos etc it does not appear this is a feature that is enabled in aes, is this correct? My plane also bounces up and down on the push back. I have clicked repair pushback and I am hoping this will resolve the problem.



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Chris - I'm not the AES expert, but I see no one has taken a shot at helping you yet. AES config might only help you allign the vehicles to the doors.

I don't ever recall seeing baggage going up the conveyor belt in AES. I believe GSX might have that feature.


Do you see the catering vehicle moving the carts in and out of the aircraft?


On pushback, I have the same bouncing and a very loud engine sound from the tug. I've just ignored it. Don't know if there's a fix or not.

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Hi, this corrected the bouncing effect during pushback for me.

Navigate to your aircraft config for whatever variant of the pmdg plane your flying.

Example.... fsx/simobjects/airplane/pmdg800wl/aircraft.cfg. Open in notepad and scroll down until you find the heading titled [contact points]


There will be two entries to modify.

static_pitch=-0.60  (don't forget the minus in front of the 0)



Save and exit.



This should stop the bouncing effect during pushback. Hope that helps out.

Mike Teel


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There is some excellent replacement sounds available. Search the AES forums and/or Download section on Aerosoft website.

User providing is DLH560

He created also some nice repaints for trucks/tugs/service vehicle




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