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Updated KMIA V2 - Missing Airbridges Solution

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LatinVFR have done a nice job with their V2 upgrade of KMIA.


I was a little perplexed however to note many terminals lacked airbridges and accordingly KMIA was looking naked.


Their forum provided a temporary solution until Oliver supports this new version under AES.


The solution ... Position KMIA (and related files) ABOVE AES in the scenery.cfg. Voila, airbridges back.



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Hi Brian,


was KMIA V2 shown as AES-supported within AES-Help?


I had a similar problem with SAEZ 2013. After installing it, the jetways were missing and AES did strange things at the wrong places. Then I started AES-Help; SAEZ was not longer shown as AES-supported. I closed AES-Help and started FS2004 new at SAEZ - and the jetways reappeared.


I'd try this way; I would have been disturbed by KMIA not fitting into my Scenery Library Order Scheme... :lol:


I hope that SAEZ 2013, OPKC Remake and KMIAv2 will be included in AES 2.31, together with hopefully released Polish Airports 1 v.3.


Hace fun at KMIA!


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